Crestcom Bullet Proof Manager

“Bullet Proof® Manager Training at Omnia”

Starting in January 2013, on the 3rd Thursday of each month, Larry Gilbert of Progressive Leadership, Inc. will be conducting professional development seminars, here at our office in Tampa.

Progressive Leadership, Inc. is a provider of organizational and professional development and is the local affiliate of Crestcom International.  Their process utilizes a blended training approach with a high degree of accountability that produces results that can be measured.  They specialize in management training, customer service, leadership development and group experiential learning. They serve clients across a broad range of industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Distribution, Construction, Aerospace & Defense, and leading not-for-profit organizations.

Each monthly seminar is from the internationally acclaimed Crestcom Bullet Proof® Manager series for executives, managers and supervisors and focuses on key skills to enhance their effectiveness.

If you are interested in learning moreattending the monthly sessions at Omnia, or to see if you qualify for a FREE 2 ½ hour Leadership Skills Workshop, contact Larry directly at:

(727) 460-8911