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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
How Employee Cognitive Assessments Boost Hiring Success
What would happen if you introduced an employee cognitive assessment to your workforce? It might raise a few eyebrows. However, if you do it correctly, your workers might embrace it for pre-employment testing. What an Employee Cognitive Assessment Achieves The candidates look great on paper. You’re trying to test their soft skills by hosting an […]
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How Behavioral Assessments Reduce Employee Turnover
You’ve seen the resume. You’ve conducted the interview. But without a practical pre-employment assessment, do you really know whom you’re hiring? The answer is probably no. Does High Employee Turnover Trouble Your Organization? It’s them, not you. Or is it? If your workplace is turning into a revolving door of employees, you might be hiring […]
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There, Their, They’re: Now Omnia Can Help Soothe Your Grammar Woes
Remember the old days when people could only interact with businesses over the phone or in person and most mailings were stuffy form letters? After booting up WordPerfect for DOS, you would painstakingly type your message and then drive the floppy disk over to your neighborhood print shop. That was a lot of work! Now, […]
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Time to Re-Write That Job Description?
In today’s fast-moving work environments, it’s not uncommon for someone to take a job without even seeing an actual job description...often because one just doesn't exist! And if the job applicant is lucky enough to see one, chances are it's completely out of date because of rapid changes in responsibilities. Many times, outdated job descriptions […]
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Revitalize Your Hiring Process to Score Top Performers
No matter how thorough the hiring process, there’s no guarantee your new employee will be a “keeper.” Sometimes, the system just fails. Crafting the perfect new hiring process is always a work in progress, especially important for small businesses and startups.  Bad hires cost time and money, and often, the repercussions don’t stop there. Although […]
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Top 4 Hiring Mistakes Made By Managers
Managers often think that verifying credentials, checking references, and asking all the right questions in an interview is a sure fire way to guarantee your next hire is perfect!  BUT…it doesn’t always work out that way, often resulting in discontent from long standing staff members. What happened? As a hiring manager, what mistakes did you […]
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