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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
Beyond Resumes: The Omnia Advantage in Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring a new employee can feel a lot like a guessing game. Sure, you study resumes, conduct interviews, and check references, but it often still feels like you’re taking your chances and hoping for the best. After all, job applicants can (and do) fudge resumes, candidates do their best to say all the right things […]
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Path to Success: Hiring and Developing Your Customer Service Team
We all recognize the pivotal role that customer service plays in business success. When mishandled, it sends ripples throughout the company, impacting not only profits but also employee recruitment and retention. Having the wrong people in key positions inevitably leads to a short-lived tenure for employees. Now, consider the following two statements for your customer […]
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The Hiring Quest: Unearthing Exceptional Talent from the Haunting Shadows
The quest to hire exceptional individuals can be akin to stepping into scenes from Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. It can be a thrilling yet chilling endeavor, where the stakes are high. And no one wants to introduce any “Jasons” or “Freddys” that could potentially trigger a mass exodus of existing […]
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How Job Ghosting Haunts Both Employers and Candidates (and How To Stop the Terror)
“Ghosting” is somewhat of a misnomer to me. After all, in movies and TV shows, ghosts tend to move into places where they aren’t wanted and stick around longer than any of the characters anticipate. But in the non-ethereal world, the act of ghosting is just the opposite. It leaves the ghosted party thinking, “What […]
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Company Culture and Recruiting: Start Looking for a Cultural Add Instead of Just a Cultural Fit
With so many variables to consider when hiring, it can be hard to know how much weight to put on one over another. You know you want a candidate with pertinent experience, good references, the right educational qualifications (if applicable), and job-relevant behavioral traits. But how much consideration should you give to a candidate’s fit […]
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7 Easy Tricks for Making a Winning Credit Union Hire
You’re ready to stand out in the community and create strong member relationships, but what’s the best way to get there? First, you have to be ready to provide members with what they want, like incentives, digital engagement, and financial education. Along with meeting member needs in a modern way, you need to stay focused […]
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