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Earth Day 2024: Planting the Seed for an Eco-Conscious Work Team

April 22, 2024

By: Jennifer Lucas

Monday April 22nd is Earth Day. Created in 1970, the first Earth Day “…mobilized millions of Americans from all walks of life to birth the modern environmental movement.” The day has moved beyond the U.S. and now serves as a global opportunity for people throughout the world to work toward a brighter future. It's a time for people to come together, raise awareness about environmental issues, and take action to help the natural world.

Earth Day provides an excellent starting point for businesses to explore green policies and look for ways of improving their environmental impact. In a world facing environmental challenges, a strong commitment to sustainability is a major perk for many employees and potential hires. Building an eco-conscious work team isn't just good for the planet, it can boost morale, encourage innovation, and attract top talent who share your company's green vision.

Today's workforce isn't just seeking a paycheck — they're looking for purpose. Younger generations, in particular, are seeking a work culture that reflects their values.

If Going Green isn’t already on your company’s cultural agenda, here's how to cultivate a team of green warriors in your office and inspire a mission that will resonate with today's "belief-driven" job seekers and employees.

Planting the Seed: Gauge Interest and Values

Align with purpose: Don't just assume everyone wants to go green. Survey employees to gauge interest, but also dig into their environmental values. This not only helps tailor initiatives, but it shows you care about what matters to them.

  • Crafting the Survey: Your survey should go beyond a simple "yes or no" question about going green. Include options to explore specific areas of environmental concern employees care about, such as energy use, waste reduction, or sustainable commuting. Ask open-ended questions to understand their preferred methods of participation — would they join a committee, participate in occasional challenges, or simply prefer educational workshops?
  • Uncover Shared Values: The survey isn't the only tool. Consider focus groups or informal chats with employees from various departments. This allows for a deeper understanding of their environmental anxieties and aspirations. By incorporating these values into your green initiatives, you'll create a sense of ownership and purpose amongst your team.

Assemble the Team: Building a Green Committee with Shared Values

Appeal to purpose-driven individuals: When forming your Green Committee, look for passionate individuals who champion sustainability and can inspire others. This committee will be the heart of your green efforts, so choose people who are genuinely invested in the cause.

  • Seek Passion, not Perfection: Don't just look for employees with a background in environmental science. While expertise is valuable, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are just as important. Find people who are genuinely excited about making the office more sustainable and who can motivate their colleagues to get involved.
  • Embrace Diversity: A well-rounded Green Committee should reflect the diversity of your company. Include people from different departments and experience levels. This ensures a wider range of perspectives and fosters a more creative problem-solving approach when brainstorming green initiatives.
  • Align team responsibilities with natural behaviors: Undertaking company-wide initiatives involves a variety of different efforts. These efforts can be handled most efficiently by matching responsibilities with each contributor’s strengths. For example, consider assigning research and writing to someone who is naturally comfortable working with data and information. Have your socially inclined team members head up meetings and give presentations.
  • Encourage team members to step outside their comfort zones: Alternately, this initiative can provide people opportunities to try new things and stretch beyond what they normally do. Short-term committee work offers growth potential while providing room to opt out if a plan does not work for the committee member.

Sprouting Solutions: Brainstorming Green Initiatives that Reflect Your Values

Focus on shared goals: Empower your Green Committee (or the whole team!) to brainstorm ways to make the office more sustainable, always keeping your company's environmental values at the forefront. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Align Initiatives with Values: After understanding your company's environmental values and employee sentiment from the previous sections, you can tailor your green initiatives. For example, if a major concern is energy use, focus on installing energy-efficient lightbulbs and promoting "power-down lunch breaks" where electronics are turned off during midday breaks.
  • Think Beyond the Office: While in-office initiatives are important, consider partnering with local environmental organizations or volunteering for causes your employees care about. This allows them to connect their work to a larger environmental mission and demonstrates your company's commitment to sustainability beyond the office walls.
  • By incorporating these suggestions, you can build a Green Committee that's passionate, representative, and driven by a shared set of environmental values. This foundation will fuel the creation of meaningful green initiatives that resonate with your employees and make a positive impact on the planet.
    1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This classic trio is still king. Implement a robust recycling program, encourage reusable mugs and water bottles, and explore paperless options.
    2. Power Down for the Planet: Turn off electronics and lights when not in use. Encourage employees to adjust thermostats for optimal temperature.
    3. Commute Consciously: Promote carpooling, biking, walking, or public transportation. Offer incentives like contests or raffles to participate.
    4. Educate and Celebrate: Organize workshops on eco-friendly living and celebrate milestones and achievements to keep team enthusiasm high.

Make it Easy to be Green and Showcase Your Values

Live your values: Make sustainable choices easy choices. Stock the office with recycled content paper products, energy-efficient light bulbs, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Keep environmental concerns in the forefront when enacting new policies, considering new equipment/vendors/partners, and establishing growth goals. This allows your green initiatives to sustain momentum.

Publicize Your Efforts and Values

Share your team's green initiatives with the entire company through internal newsletters or social media. This can inspire others and showcase your commitment to sustainability, attracting potential hires who value the same.

Building an eco-conscious work team is a way to cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility, but it's also a strategic move to attract and retain top talent.

By demonstrating a commitment to the environment, you're appealing to a generation of employees who want their work to have a positive impact. So, let your green initiatives flourish, and watch your company become a magnet for purpose-driven individuals who are passionate about protecting our planet.

If you’re not sure how to get started making a cultural shift within your organization, we have you covered: Click here to download our free ebook, “The Blueprint for a Successful Company Culture,” today!

Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer originally joined The Omnia Group in 2005 as an analyst. After a brief stint away to work in project management and to start a family, her fascination with behavioral assessments pulled her back. She returned in 2011 as a member of the in-house analyst/project team. She writes and edits Custom Profiles, Targets, special projects, and articles. She enjoys being able to provide guidance to build effective, productive teams and help find strong matches for both clients and candidates.

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