As a busy professional, it can be difficult to take time away from the job to travel for continuing education. We offer a variety of convenient webinar topics that will expand your personal development and management skills — without leaving your home or office! Join us each month as we discuss problems and deliver solutions on topics like communication, conflict resolution, team development, and much more! Each webinar is recorded, so you’ll never have to miss one!  But…take advantage of them live so you can participate in surveys, polls, breakout sessions, Q&A and more!



In addition, all these topics can be custom tailored and delivered to your company specifically, based on your certain needs.  We offer onsite consultations as well as personalized webinar presentations.  For pricing information, please contact Kim Busse at:  Kbusse@OmniaGroup.com or Carletta Clyatt at:  Carletta@OmniaGroup.com