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Maximizing People Performance Through the Power of Insight

The Omnia team is ready to help you evolve your workforce.

Businesses: Powered by People

Through our simple, yet sophisticated behavioral assessment, we empower HR and business leaders to continuously grow, develop and inspire their workforce.
At Omnia, we believe a company that understands its diverse people is a stronger one. Our quest, like yours, is to discover how to affect that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align talent strategy with business strategy.
Each company has its own unique culture and business goals, and we know productive, motivated talent can make those goals achievable. We offer a variety of insightful reports, resources and tools to help leaders understand, empower, and evolve their people.
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The Science Behind the Assessment

The Omnia Assessment is based on extensive research, both theoretical and practical, in the prediction of behavioral characteristics through adjective checklists and psychometric analysis. The Omnia Assessment utilizes the theoretical work performed by William Marsten, Ph.D, and the practical work by Prescott Leckey of Columbia University. The final validated assessment was written by business professionals for business purposes.

Validated at 93% accurate, three independent validation studies have been performed by industrial psychologists on the Omnia assessment. Both the internal reliability of the Omnia assessment and its predictive validity were evaluated in each study. The Omnia assessment complies with EEOC/ADA guidelines and is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias.

Continued analyses conducted through thousands of Omnia clients support the on-going validity of the Omnia assessment in predicting employee performance.
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The History Behind the Assessment

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife, John and Heather Caswell, The Omnia Group’s mission has stood the test of time. Omnia was one of the first to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace and immediately developed a strong presence in the insurance industry. Today, under Heather Caswell’s unwavering direction, Omnia continues working with clients to build effective, high-performing teams across all industries with hundreds of unique job benchmarks.

For more than 35 years, clients have relied on The Omnia Group to help maximize their employee performance. We are steadfast and committed to helping you do the same.

Unconditional Client Support

Our client implementation support is second to none.
Our service starts with an implementation process designed to help clients get the most from our services. We contact all new clients to show them around the client portal, set up job benchmarks and start using the assessment. We also review reports with all first-time users. We are accessible any time with personal and live responses to any question. We regularly review your assessment results to be sure you are getting the most from our assessments and reports. We work with you to compare candidates, identify ways to improve staff performance, and help build culture and engagement through improved communications and team interactions.

Employee behavioral assessments make hiring and development easy for every manager.

Our Team

Omnia uses the assessment for hiring and professional development as well. In fact, we proudly display our Omnia graphs and know the traits of every new Omnia team member. We believe in the power of insight and our tenured team of dedicated professionals proves its validity. On average, our team members have been with Omnia for 15 years with several celebrating more than 25 years of service.

Omnia’s employment longevity highlights the value of the assessment in placing the right people in the right positions, the first time, and keeping them engaged and productive.
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