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The Omnia Behavioral Assessment

Utilize our behavioral assessment to better understand a candidate’s personality traits, helping to predict their future job performance.

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We understand that hiring a new employee or deciding when to promote a current one is a big decision. Since you’re investing valuable time, money, and resources, you want to make sure you get it right the first time… but how can you truly know how a candidate will perform until they’re actually in the role?
omnia behavioral assessment
The Omnia Behavioral Assessment is Your Solution
This pre-employment personality test makes it possible to uncover a candidate’s deeper motivators, preferences, and behaviors, plus how those traits will affect their performance in the particular role you’re looking to fill.

This way, you can predict job compatibility by gauging the similarity or dissimilarity of a candidate to the duties and personality patterns required to be successful in the job, your work culture, and with their peers and prospective supervisor.

Our extensive database allows us to provide our clients with industry benchmarks so you can know which qualities are tied to success in certain jobs—all without having to conduct the research yourself, which saves you even more time and money in your hiring process.
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How Does Our Behavioral Assessment Work?

The Omnia behavioral assessment takes just 10 minutes for a candidate to complete—but will give you insights that you can continue to use as a development and retention tool once they’re actually an employee at your company.

Here’s How It Works:

Whether you choose to evaluate your current top performers or use an industry benchmark, we work with you to determine the best traits for the job.
Your candidate takes the pre-employment personality test during their interview process.
Get immediate results through our automated Target Report, or wait just a little longer for our Omnia Profile Report, written to your needs by expert analysts.
Once you have your results, you can evaluate the candidate to see how they align with your “wish list” for the role.
That’s it. You are now armed with additional insight and valuable advice to complement your existing process and hire or promote with confidence!
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What Does a Behavioral Assessment for Employment Actually Measure?

Our pre-employment personality test is based on the use of an adjective checklist. It’s a fast, unintimidating, unbiased, and accurate way to get a candidate to reveal their natural behaviors that might not be readily apparent on their resume or in their interviews.
This concept of measuring a person’s behavior is called psychometrics, which defines non-pathological behavior. Omnia breaks this down into four key groups:


The need to make things happen.

Communication Style

The need to work with people versus the need for proof.


The speed at which a person operates.


The degree of dependence on rules.
The Omnia employee behavioral assessment is known for its easy-to-read, easy-to-interpret eight-column bar graph that displays these four behaviors as pairs of columns, because every trait has an opposite. Just one assessment and eight columns will give you all the information you need to make your next hire successful!
omnia columns assertive
Some people are assertive (column 1), while others are cautious (column 2).
omnia columns social
Some people are social (column 3), while others are reserved (column 4).
omnia columns urgency
Some people move with urgency (column 5), while others move systematically (column 6).
omnia columns ambiguity
Some people are comfortable with ambiguity (column 7), while others need rules (column 8).

Why Invest in Pre-Employment Testing?

No two employees are the same. Every person on your staff will learn differently, thrive in a different environment, respond differently to various communication and management styles, and be motivated by different things.
The problem is that a candidate’s resume won’t give you these insights, and it can take months or even years on the job for you to uncover them on your own. In the mean-time, your employees will be frustrated and less engaged if they aren’t in a role that truly aligns with their personality and skills or have to work under a manager who doesn’t understand how to motivate them.

That’s where our behavioral assessment test comes in. This pre-employment personality test is so valuable because it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of these preferences almost immediately. So, whether you’re trying to identify if a new candidate would be a job role and cultural fit in your organization or determine which current employee would be the best fit for that new management role that just opened up, our predictive assessment can help.

Enhance your employee development initiatives
Retain your top talent
Help managers coach through conflict resolution
Empower managers to improve their leadership styles
And more!
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An employee personality test doesn’t only help when you’re looking to fill a new role. The insights you’ll gain from our behavioral assessment test can be consistently used throughout the entire employee lifecycle.
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"It's seldom that I personally endorse any product. The Omnia Group is clearly a ‘cut above’ in value and in customer service. The accuracy and flexibility of the product make it the best assessment tool on the market."

Marzahn & King Consulting

“I was so skeptical of The Omnia Profile when I first signed up; however, my skepticism has totally gone away. In the instances that we have profiled our sales candidates, the ones who profiled well are the ones who performed well."

Michael Chevrolet

"The Omnia Group has helped us understand our salespeople – their strengths and what motivates them. The Profile report helps us manage and motivate them and help them to be successful"

Kain Family Ford

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