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Omnia Talent Trends Survey Report 2023

Amplify Your Organizational Success

The Omnia Group is proud to release our second Annual Talent Trends Survey Report for 2023 – Amplify Your Organizational Success.

The report’s actionable insights are based on responses from 380 business professionals across Sales, HR, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Service to help organizations navigate talent strategies in 2023. It explores several key talent management aspects impacted by the rising inflation and recessionary climate, covering hiring, internal mobility, turnover, and career development initiatives.

One key element that emerged from our survey findings was the widespread use of assessments to gauge not just tech and computer skills but also understand behavior and personality traits to hire for essential roles. The report delves deep into that aspect as well as helps you understand various talent-related initiatives, from improving applicant tracking systems to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion, that companies are adopting in 2023.

Omnia’s assessments are scientifically designed and independently validated for accuracy to help your company build positive, motivated teams, tackle employee turnover challenges, and boost employee retention.

Download Amplify Your Organizational Success for more in-depth insights to implement directly into your company’s talent acquisition and management strategies!


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