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What our clients are saying.

Dana Dasch

"The Omnia Assessments are so comprehensive in helping you to find the right person for your open position. We experienced a lot of turnover before we tried out the Omnia assessments and were amazed with how detailed they are about each person. The site is easy to use and they are very helpful with creating a profile for your open position. It’s amazing how accurate the assessments are in helping you to figure out the type of person you are looking to interview. They also provide you with tailored interview questions for each candidate based on their responses in the assessment. Our turnover has decreased significantly after we started using these assessments for our hiring needs. I would definitely recommend these to any company who wants to hire the right person the first time."

Dustin Harris

The Appraiser Coach
"The Omnia Profile will change the way you hire. You will be able to look at the person’s strengths and weaknesses before hiring, saving your company and the candidate a bad experience due to a poor match. "

Chris Forgy, Sr.

Saga Communications
"At Saga, talent is our number one resource. As a result, we are diligent in our recruiting and retention efforts. Hiring mistakes are usually costly ones. Tami Santiago and her team at The Omnia Group are a critical component to our success. We have been working with the Omnia Group for decades and will continue to do so."

Jeannie L Keizer

FALK Panel
"We received exactly what we needed to address this applicant. I was amazed at how spot on the results were to how the interview progressed. Like pulling an elephant through the eye of a needle to get answers out of this candidate. He wanted to be vague and talked in circles."

David Rose

Dowling & O'Niel Insurance
"The more I’ve learned about the Profile, the more impressed I am. Omnia saved us many times from a bad hire, and confirmed what we experienced with the candidate. Using Omnia takes a lot of stress out of candidate selection."

Jenna Duval

Webber & Grinnell Insurance Agency, Inc.
"I have had great success with the OMNIA tool and it is has been integral part in the recruiting that I have done for Webber & Grinnell." 

Emily Huling, CIC, CMC, CSP

Selling Strategies, Inc.
"Omnia profiles and advisor consultation have been the most valuable resource I’ve used to guide my clients through hiring, reorganization, talent development, and career decisions."

Kristina Bollhouse

The Arkansas Financial Group Inc.
"It has been a long time since we have had a bad hire and it is all thanks to Omnia... when I am having an issue with an employee I go back and look at the Omnia and it is there in black and white."

Jeffrey Mount

Wright's Gourmet
"We have been an Omnia Group client for over 25 years. I truly value their knowledge and expertise and they are my go to resource when I am hiring. Their professionals are always available to answer my questions and help me hire the right person."

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