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What our clients are saying.

Jeannie L Keizer

FALK Panel
"We received exactly what we needed to address this applicant. I was amazed at how spot on the results were to how the interview progressed. Like pulling an elephant through the eye of a needle to get answers out of this candidate. He wanted to be vague and talked in circles."

Jon Zorlan

Ferman Automotive
"Our employment applicant screening process has become much more simpler and more expedited through the use of the Omnia® Profiles, with the overall results being more accurate evaluation of abilities and a great savings of our time."

Dustin Harris

The Appraiser Coach
"The Omnia Profile will change the way you hire. You will be able to look at the person’s strengths and weaknesses before hiring, saving your company and the candidate a bad experience due to a poor match. "

Warren Lada

Saga Communications
"I rarely write a company to commend an employee, but this is the exception. Tami Santiago who has been our “rep” for a number of years. She follows up on everything, has been VERY helpful to me in setting up our profiles, is professional pleasant to deal with and a whole lot more."

David Rose

Dowling & O'Niel Insurance
"The more I’ve learned about the Profile, the more impressed I am. Omnia saved us many times from a bad hire, and confirmed what we experienced with the candidate. Using Omnia takes a lot of stress out of candidate selection."

Julie A. Notley

MIG Insurance Group
"The Omnia Profile has become part of our hiring toolbox. The profile provides our Managers a tool to help assess the candidates and we have been using it with every hire since 2010. When we have second guessed the profile and hired when it was not recommended, we have been proven wrong!"

Chuck Marzahn

Marzahn & King Consulting
"It's seldom that I personally endorse any product. The Omnia Group is clearly a “cut above” in value and in customer service. The accuracy and flexibility of the product make it the best assessment tool on the market. I encourage anyone to use it."

Susan Simon

Salem Media Communications
"The Omnia Profile really crystallized my gut feelings about the candidate. I have tried other assessments and the Omnia Profile is far superior. The Profile is not only detailed and easy to understand, it’s  very accurate!"

Bonnie Christiano

The Alpha House of Tampa
"We use the Omnia Profile as a tool in helping us hire people that are well suited to the position. I’ve hired people the profile didn’t recommend and lived to regret the decision. We also use the profile as a management tool. The “Hot” and “Cold" buttons sections are particularly helpful"

Michele S. Zucco

Coast Dental
We are very pleased with the service Omnia provides. The assessments are helpful in learning a person’s work styles and preferences prior to a hiring decision. After using the Omnia assessment, I feel like I was hiring new team members in the dark.
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