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Is There Trouble in the Air? 8 Things to do When Employee Engagement Declines
You know how it is. Things are good with your team; everything’s clicking, spirits are high, and productivity is higher… until suddenly it isn’t. Suddenly, things feel off. You’re not sure what’s wrong; you just know something is. Employee engagement is a measure of how committed and invested an employee is in their job and […]
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Quiet Quitting — A Viral Reaction to an Age-Old Problem or the Real Deal?
Even if you’re not an active TikTok user, it’s likely you’ve heard the term Quiet Quitting. The phenomenon has been the subject of news segments, articles, and a popular speaking topic on the conference circuit. You can even find enough t-shirt options on Etsy to build an entire wardrobe out of quiet quitting wear while […]
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3 Tips for Planting the Seeds of Empathy in your Organization
Empathy is an important element in growing and nurturing strong connections, in both our personal and professional lives. When someone takes the time to understand another person’s perspectives or emotions, it can cause a deeper relationship to bloom between the two. In a job setting, empathy can foster productive conversations and help resolve conflicts. A […]
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Struggling to Get Along? 5 Strategies to Improve Work Relationships
It’s impossible not to think of great romances in February, the month dedicated to celebrating relationships. Jack and Rose…he made the ultimate sacrifice for true love (even though there was enough room on that enormous door); or Danny and Sandy…hopelessly devoted to one another before, quite literally, flying off in a 1948 Ford Deluxe convertible, […]
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The 3 Barriers to Listening and 5 Tips for Becoming an Effective Listener.
I know you can hear me, but are you listening?  People get my name wrong a lot. I’ve often remarked to friends that it’s like being part of a social experiment every day of my life. Admittedly, Keather is a unique name. I’ve never met another Keather, and I’ve never met anyone who has. I […]
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Want to Know What’s New in Employee Engagement and Motivation? 5 Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2023
Workplace trends and buzzwords may have you thinking that 2023 will be all about the word quiet. I mean really – how much more can we take? Everywhere we look there are LinkedIn posts, Tik Tok videos and articles about quiet quitting, quiet firing and quiet hiring. In a world where employee engagement is at […]
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