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Beyond Resumes: The Omnia Advantage in Hiring and Onboarding

March 18, 2024

By: Alaina Sims

Hiring a new employee can feel a lot like a guessing game. Sure, you study resumes, conduct interviews, and check references, but it often still feels like you’re taking your chances and hoping for the best. After all, job applicants can (and do) fudge resumes, candidates do their best to say all the right things and impress in interviews, and some references aren’t very forthcoming — if you can get them to return a call or email at all.

As frustrating as the process may be, it doesn’t have to be a gamble because Omnia helps take the guesswork out of hiring. And after the employee selection process is complete, we help make onboarding a productive, seamless experience too. It all starts with The Omnia Behavioral Assessment.

Employee Selection

Our pre-employment assessment provides businesses with valuable insights into job candidates’ innate personality traits, revealing which behaviors are most natural and comfortable for them. It’s like getting a peek behind the curtain to see a potential hire’s inherent characteristics because the assessment uncovers attributes that might not be apparent from resumes, phone screens, or even interviews.

Omnia’s behavioral assessment helps companies identify candidates whose strengths and motivators align with the needs of the job, increasing the likelihood for success in the position. It also pinpoints a candidate’s potential challenge areas — something that might otherwise take weeks or months to come to the surface after starting a job.

Bonus #1: The personality insights gained from our pre-employment assessment help reduce the chance of unconscious bias in the hiring process. Rather than relying solely on subjective judgments, organizations use our data-backed assessment results as one of many factors in their decision-making, which helps to make their employee selection process more objective.

Our behavioral assessment is comprised of an adjective checklist, and job candidates select the words that best represent them. Because it is not a pass/fail test or a forced response questionnaire and there is no time limit, our assessment is an unintimidating exercise for job applicants. It’s also quick, typically taking 10 minutes or less to complete, making for a smooth candidate experience.

Although our clients are welcome to use any of the position benchmarks from our extensive library covering a variety of industries, we also offer the opportunity for clients to create their own job benchmarks unique to their businesses. They can assess the people who are successfully performing those jobs now to create a standard by which to evaluate future applicants.

The data derived from an Omnia pre-employment assessment is illustrated by an easy-to-read 8-column bar graph and explained in depth in both the Target Selection Report and The Custom Selection Profile.

Our Target Selection report compares the candidate’s attributes to the desired traits for a job and provides insightful discussions about the similarities and differences. The results are available immediately. Omnia’s Custom Selection Profile also offers informative explanations about an applicant’s job fit. Each Custom Selection Profile is individually evaluated and written by an analyst, and this enables us to tailor the writeup based on an employer’s unique needs, such as including peer and supervisor comparisons and addressing specific questions or concerns.

Bonus #2: All Omnia reports, including our automated reports, are originally written by analysts, not AI.


Understanding the characteristics that are most natural for an applicant can make interviews more impactful as well. Armed with this information, interviewers can ask behavioral interview questions that delve deeper into how a candidate’s attributes will either complement a job or become challenge areas within the position. It gives the applicant a chance to offer real-life examples of how they’ve handled specific situations and obstacles in the past, allowing employers to make hiring decisions based on concrete examples and experiences rather than surface-level impressions.

Bonus #3: All Custom Selection Profiles and Target Selection reports include behavioral interview questions specific to the traits outlined in each candidate’s report.


But the benefits of The Omnia Assessment don’t end after the selection process. The personality insights offered by Omnia’s suite of behavioral assessment reports aid in onboarding too. Understanding a new hire’s communication style or the level of structure and direction that best suits them in a new job helps companies tailor the onboarding process to the individual, maximizing their potential from the start.

Identifying a new employee’s intrinsic traits can help better integrate them into existing teams, uncovering potential conflicts or areas of synergy within the group, enabling managers to proactively address them during the acclimation process.

Bonus #4: Omnia also provides unlimited consultations with our team of expert Client Service Managers to discuss the assessment results, answer questions, and help clients get the most out of their Omnia reports.

For 39 years, Omnia has been a trusted partner through candidate selection, employee onboarding, and beyond. In addition to our pre-employment behavioral assessment, we also offer other tools such as a cognitive assessment, grammar assessment, and job ad writing assistance. Reach out to us today to discover how the Omnia advantage can help take your hiring and onboarding process to the next level!

Alaina Sims

Alaina first joined Omnia in 2003 as an analyst and was sold on its mission from the start. So much so that, after a move and brief time away, she came back in 2013 and now works as the Senior Manager of Profile Analysis and Workflow. She writes and edits various Omnia products and is the resident “follow-upper” to help keep the department running smoothly. She is grateful for a role that marries her love of data analysis and the written word in a way that enables her to help clients find (and keep) productive, fulfilled employees.

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