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Getting to the Point with Goal Setting
The older I get, the less often I am surprised. So, I was particularly delighted when I found a video that beautifully demonstrates how to accomplish a goal. As the mother of two teenagers, I watch a lot of YouTube and TikTok. Oh sure, I pay for cable and multiple streaming services, but whenever I […]
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Lessons Learned, Resolutions Made
As I was riding through a neighborhood park recently, I fell off my bike. You know, to properly end 2020. To avoid a mom pushing a stroller, I swerved onto the grass. As I was stand pedaling (this is probably not an official cycling term) to get through it and around her, feeling good about […]
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Top 5 Blogs of 2020
We couldn't help it, we had to have ONE listicle to end the year. What better week than between Christmas and New Year's? I'm sure many of us are wrapping up projects, finalizing details, and checking our to-do lists so frequently even Santa would be impressed. If you are lucky, you may be in that […]
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2020: A Year for the History Books
Each year, as we look forward to new beginnings, it's essential to make room to reflect. While it’s tempting to run full force into the next big project or next resolution that will make us - to borrow from Daft Punk - harder, better, faster, stronger, we owe it to ourselves and our teams to […]
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