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Why courage may be the most critical sales quality we need today
There are certain traits that elevate a salesperson’s success. In fact, through years of conducting personality assessments, The Omnia Group’s data points to 17 distinct types of salespeople made up of various personality traits. Given today’s environment, though, one characteristic stands out above all others, and that’s courage. Sales has never been an easy job, and […]
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Coaching Sales Professionals to be Extraordinary
Fifty-five percent of the people making their living in sales do not have the right skills to be successful.  Let that number sink in … over half need more coaching. How many are on your sales team? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 14.3 million people are working in sales and related […]
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Five Steps to Building a Sales Talent Pipeline
Not everyone loves hiring. Does anyone love hiring? Does anyone like hiring? Some parts of it can be fun: the excitement of bringing in new people and new ideas, imagining the possibilities, the hilarious typos on the resumes. But it can be a slog. Especially right now, many job postings will lead to a flood […]
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The 4th Quarter Push - Why Personality Traits Matter More Than Ever
Fourth-quarter has always been a huge push for sales teams to finish strong while helping clients spend the year end budget. This 4th quarter is more critical to the success of so many businesses than we’ve ever seen. It could make or break them. Focusing your team on doing what they do best will make […]
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