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Handling the Aggressive Manager
Dr. George Simon, author of Character Disturbance, In Sheep’s Clothing, and The Judas Syndrome, is a nationally recognized expert on manipulative, cunning, aggressive people. And he keeps plenty busy, because there are plenty of people who live and work with aggressive folks, and they need answers and solutions. If you work for an aggressive personality, […]
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How to Deliver a Painless 90 Day Employee Performance Evaluation
Part of an effective onboarding process is providing honest, actionable feedback. Without feedback, employees don’t know whether they’re doing a good job or how they could do a better job.  Unfortunately, far too many managers shy away from providing feedback. A 2013 survey by Ceridian noted that only 47% of employees regularly receive feedback from their […]
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Conducting Pre-Employment Phone Screens that Pay Off
You have a list of candidates that made it past your resume screening process. Eager to make that next great hire, you’re excited about the possibilities in front of you. Now what? Do you immediately schedule them for an in-person interview? Or, do you conduct a phone interview first? If phone screens are not in […]
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Employee On-boarding More Important Than You Think
New job jitters can often cause your up and coming A-Players some sleepless nights.  The employee on-boarding process is something managers often don’t take time to prepare for, setting the new employee up for disaster instead of quickly getting them up to speed on the job. Managers should not be swayed by how experienced the new hire […]
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