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How Employment Assessments Fit Into the Hiring Process
As a hiring manager, you’ve probably seen it all… the no-shows, the ones who walk in late as if they are on time (no explanation, no apology), the ones who can’t answer a single question thoroughly, to the ones who spend a very, very long time answering your first question. I once started an interview […]
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Employee Attrition Vs. Employee Turnover: What to Do About Both
Losing employees can be costly for your business and stressful for your HR department, management team, and other team members who have to take on the workload they’ve left behind.  There are different reasons why an employee might leave your organization, but those reasons will usually fall under two main categories—employee attrition and employee turnover. […]
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7 Tips for Addressing Employee Performance Problems
When things aren’t going great with a new (or even a seasoned) employee, it may not be fun to address their performance problem, but letting it slide isn’t doing them or you any favors. There are times when it is clear that you, as a manager, need to step in. For example, Frank has neglected […]
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Handling the Aggressive Manager
Dr. George Simon, author of Character Disturbance, In Sheep’s Clothing, and The Judas Syndrome, is a nationally recognized expert on manipulative, cunning, aggressive people. And he keeps plenty busy, because there are plenty of people who live and work with aggressive folks, and they need answers and solutions. If you work for an aggressive personality, […]
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