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Employee Personality Testing: It's Not as Difficult as You Think
If there were a way to find the types of employees who'll become excellent leaders, would you do it? If you could quickly recognize the ideal team players who'll bring the right attitude to your workforce, would you consider using employee personality testing? When you leverage testing results during the hiring process, you have the […]
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An Introduction to Employee Personality Testing
Hiring any new employee is stressful, time consuming and, sometimes, exhausting. Regardless of the level of research that goes into finding a particular person, there are always many unknowns about their successes and shortcomings before they report to work on their first day. Every hiring manager or even HR department has made hiring mistakes. Reducing […]
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How Employee Cognitive Assessments Boost Hiring Success
What would happen if you introduced an employee cognitive assessment to your workforce? It might raise a few eyebrows. However, if you do it correctly, your workers might embrace it for pre-employment testing. What an Employee Cognitive Assessment Achieves The candidates look great on paper. You’re trying to test their soft skills by hosting an […]
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How Behavioral Assessments Reduce Employee Turnover
You’ve seen the resume. You’ve conducted the interview. But without a practical pre-employment assessment, do you really know whom you’re hiring? The answer is probably no. Does High Employee Turnover Trouble Your Organization? It’s them, not you. Or is it? If your workplace is turning into a revolving door of employees, you might be hiring […]
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