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Celebrating Support Staff Everywhere: 5 Strategies for Virtual and In-Office Teams
Let’s discuss the team members who are responsible for managing schedules, coordinating logistics, and delivering the essential services that are fundamental to your company’s success. While their roles are not always directly associated with generating profits or interacting with clients face-to-face, their contributions are irreplaceable. Without them, the company would grind to a halt in […]
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Tech and Temperament: Exploring Personality Dynamics and Their Role in Workplace Innovation
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, technology plays a critical role in driving innovation and shaping the future of work. Amidst the rush to adopt the latest tools and platforms, one crucial factor often overlooked is the influence of personality dynamics on how individuals embrace and engage with new technologies. Understanding these dynamics is essential for […]
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Sparking Innovation: Discovering the Creative Potential in Each Personality
Ingenuity and fresh ideas are essential for growth and progress within a company, and bringing the creative spirit that’s necessary for innovation to life is a team effort. Everyone needs to play a part in contributing to an organization’s advancement and goals to feel invested in bringing them to fruition. Though not everyone has the […]
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How to Unleash Your Employees’ Passion While Strengthening Your Organization
You hire each employee to fulfill a specific role within your organization. And, with rare exceptions, most of your team members want to meet or exceed your expectations. But they also want more. Your employees yearn to feel a deep passion for their work and to be inspired by your company’s mission. They long to […]
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Beyond Resumes: The Omnia Advantage in Hiring and Onboarding
Hiring a new employee can feel a lot like a guessing game. Sure, you study resumes, conduct interviews, and check references, but it often still feels like you’re taking your chances and hoping for the best. After all, job applicants can (and do) fudge resumes, candidates do their best to say all the right things […]
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Achieving Leadership Mastery with Omnia: A Journey to the Heart of Effective Leadership
Effective leaders excel at inspiring and guiding their team to achieve common goals that ultimately create successful and sustaining businesses. The best leaders capture the hearts and minds of their people, building a culture of engaged and thriving performers. This is the magic of great leadership. Celebrating our 39th anniversary this month, The Omnia Group […]
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Guess Who’s Turning 39: The Omnia Group Celebrates 39 Years of Helping Clients Hire and Retain Top Talent
I know what you’re thinking, but no; it’s our first time turning 39! We’re not shy about our age. In March of 1985 gas cost $.83/gallon, the number one song was “Can’t Fight this Feeling” by REO Speedwagon, Beverly Hills Cop was a hit in theaters, and shoulder pads were all the rage. And that […]
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Path to Success: Hiring and Developing Your Customer Service Team
We all recognize the pivotal role that customer service plays in business success. When mishandled, it sends ripples throughout the company, impacting not only profits but also employee recruitment and retention. Having the wrong people in key positions inevitably leads to a short-lived tenure for employees. Now, consider the following two statements for your customer […]
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Flipping the Script: Thriving in Sales with Unconventional Traits
Through nearly four decades and thousands of assessments, Omnia has researched and validated the characteristics that define the quintessential sales personality. Personally, I have a passion for helping professionals who don’t have these traditional traits consider which sales roles would fit them best. I also agree with Daniel Pink when he says we are all […]
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Decoding the DNA of the Classic Sales Personality
We all have our own image of what a salesperson looks and acts like. Maybe you think of someone in a business suit who wines-and-dines clients at expensive restaurants. Or perhaps someone who frantically runs back and forth between multiple customers, trying to get each of them to commit to a purchase, springs to mind. […]
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