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Omnia Behavioral Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Personality-based, or behavioral, assessments help reduce the subjectivity involved when employers only use interview techniques when hiring.

An Accurate Personality-Based Assessment 

The Omnia assessment provides objective insights into key personality traits intrinsically related to workplace performance. If you’re in the beginning stages of looking for an employee behavioral assessment, or thinking of switching to a new provider, we’re here for you. We’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to help get you going in the right direction.

What Is The Omnia Profile?

An independently-validated behavioral assessment founded on solid psychometric principles. Our simple, easy-to-complete adjective checklist measures preferred workplace behavior and provides this valuable information in a multitude of reporting options to meet our client’s unique needs. Our Profiles can be used for any role, from entry-level clerical to company Presidents.
To see all our Omnia products, please visit the Products page.

How Can A Behavioral Assessment Help Me?

Reducing employee turnover is not easy and we all know high turnover is very costly. Our assessment provides the power of behavioral insight to help you not only hire right, but also manage for peak performance.
When companies discover, understand and evolve their employees, they can’t help but be successful. It’s always about the people!When companies discover, understand and evolve their employees, they can’t help but be successful. It’s always about the people!

How Much Does It Cost?

Our products, all based on the Omnia Profile, can be tailored to accommodate high volume positions, management coaching, succession, selection, retention, career development and talent audit/team cohesion.
Pricing varies by packages purchased. Please contact us so that we can learn about your company and guide you in the right direction as to what package would be best, based on your hiring needs Or call: 800.525.7117.

Can I See A Sample Report?

We’ll do even better than that! We encourage all prospective clients to take a FREE behavioral profile so you can really understand how it works and what it can do for you! We’ll review your results and completely go over the report from top to bottom so you can clearly see how behavioral assessments can improve your bottom line!

How Is The Omnia Profile Administered?

The assessment can be taken online, or on paper form in your office. Although the assessment is generally completed in 15 minutes or less, it is suggested that the candidate set aside quiet, uninterrupted time, to get the most unhindered results. Although it is not necessary to supervise while the candidate is taking the assessment, it’s best to encourage the candidate to answer the questions as honestly and accurately as possible. It is not a pass/fail test, and by no means, the sole determinant for making a hiring decision.
In fact, the Omnia Profile should account for only 20 to 25 percent of the overall hire, promotion and career development decisions. When used as part of the employee selection process, we recommend candidates take the Profile prior to the first interview, ensuring the candidate is unaware of the specifics of the job. It is free to administer the assessment.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

Average time to complete it is about 10-15 minutes. Our assessment does not take as long as many others on the market…this gives your candidate a much more pleasant experience in a time that can be very stressful…job hunting!

How Long Before I See The Results?

If we receive the candidate assessment (online or on paper) before 2pm EST, you will have your customized tailored results within 3 hours (other Omnia products are available instantly). Assessments received after 2pm EST. will be provided the next business morning. We also have an expedited 1 hour service for a minimal fee.

How Can It Help Me Hire The Right Person?

Our assessment of a candidate’s potential for success is based upon your definition of appropriate behavior for a position.
The Omnia Profile helps you to cut through the resume catch phrases for an unobstructed view of candidate’s workplace tendencies. The results give you the insight to make a more informed and confident hiring decision.

What Are Peer And Supervisor Benchmarking?

Omnia can establish a benchmark on each position based on the traits of your top performers. We analyze the traits of your star performers to find out what makes them successful and then we identify if your candidates have the same attributes. The supervisor also takes a Profile so the Profile will report how the supervisor can best work with this particular candidate.

How Can It Help Me Manage More Effectively?

The Omnia Profile pinpoints the strengths, hot buttons, hidden potential and developmental needs for each employee. Knowing the best way to communicate, motivate, spot problems early and create job satisfaction will improve the overall performance of your team and improve employee retention.

What About ADA/EEOC?

Because it is completely vocationally relevant, The Omnia Profile complies with current ADA/EEOC guidelines.

What About Validation And Bias?

The Omnia Profile has been validated by two independent studies. The Omnia Profile has been found to be free of any form of gender, race or age bias.

Who Do I Call If I Have A Question? What About Training?

You will be assigned a Client Advisor to help walk you through the whole process and be available for any questions and training that you may need assistance with.

How Will I Be Billed?

You may purchase profiles in packages in advance of their required usage and save money. Billing (or reductions from profile packages that may have been purchased) for Omnia Profiles does not initiate until your candidate’s assessment (either online or on paper) is completed and approved for processing.
You have complete control over the approval process and may have your account setup for automatic approval or manual approval. Depending on how your account is set up, you will either be automatically billed to a credit card, invoiced within 1 day of a package purchase or billed semi-monthly for single use purchases.

Is The Omnia Profile Available In Different Languages?

Yes, our online assessment is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, French Canadian, Filipino, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian.

Can I Connect Omnia Assessments To My HRIS or ATS?

Omnia assessments can integrate with your online HRIS or ATS so that routine functions, like inviting candidates and reviewing reports, can be done seamlessly within your own application. Don’t worry about logging on to two systems or forgetting another password, integration eliminates that.

Omnia has solutions for a variety of popular applicant tracking systems. We also offer a comprehensive set of integration tools to build a custom connection.  You’ll be able to see job fit scores at a glance and rank them to prioritize your next steps. It’s a smooth transfer of your Omnia results so you can manage the selection process from start to finish within a single web-based application.  It’s a match made in the cloud.

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