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The Omnia Cognitive Assessment

Leverage our cognitive assessment to determine if a candidate will be able to meet the demands of your job opening.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork and Hello to Strategic 
Hiring With Our Cognitive Ability Test for Employment

It can be incredibly difficult to know if a candidate can handle the job until they’re actually in it… but if you just take a guess and hope for the best, you could be left having to repeat the hiring process all over again with their replacement if it doesn’t work out. Don’t you wish there was a better way?
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Good News—There is a Way, and It’s Called a Cognitive Assessment.
This kind of pre-employment testing evaluates a candidate’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems. Since these skills directly impact job performance, employee aptitude tests are an incredibly valuable tool for identifying if a candidate will be set up to flourish or fail in a particular role.
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How Does Our Cognitive Assessment Work?

The Omnia Cognitive Assessment is an easily proctored, timed tool that can be administered online and only takes about 15 minutes for a candidate to complete. It can be used by itself, or in conjunction with our behavioral assessment to give you a more complete picture of a potential candidate.

Here’s How It Works:

You pick an ideal scoring range for the job based on the required skills. As an option, we can also assess your current top performers when setting your range.
Your candidate takes the cognitive aptitude test in your office during their interview process.
The results are instantly available in a concise, one-page report with data that is easy to understand and turn into actionable insights.
Now that you’re equipped with your results, you can measure the candidate’s score against your target score to see how they stack up.
It’s that simple—now you can gain peace of mind that you’re making the most strategic hiring decision!

What Does a Cognitive Assessment Actually Measure?

With our cognitive ability tools, you'll gain a reliable and unbiased measure of how likely they are to be successful in your open role through General Mental Ability (GMA), which is proven to be a strong indicator of future job performance.
You’ll be able to measure a candidate’s ability to:
Think abstractly
Comprehend new concepts
Learn from experience, then actually apply those new skills
Adapt to new environments and situations
Find the most effective solutions to problems
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Why Leverage Cognitive Ability Tools In Your Hiring Process?

As an employer, you’ve probably seen it a million times—a candidate has a stellar resume and knocks the interview out of the park, but once they’re actually in the day-to-day of the job, they’re not seeing success. How could this happen?
It’s likely because they didn’t have the cognitive abilities necessary for that specific role… but how could you possibly have known that ahead of time? By administering a cognitive assessment test during their interview process!
When a person's cognitive ability is measured, you’ll be able to better understand their capability to comprehend concepts, learn from experience, adapt to new situations, and more. So, a candidate who scores well on a cognitive ability test is more likely to successfully complete their training, be able to learn new information on the job and actually apply it to future scenarios, and quickly adapt to changing work environments.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
Insights gained from cognitive ability tests are so valuable that 80% percent of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. currently utilize them before making a final hiring decision! Ready to join them and transform your hiring process?
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