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Putting Data Behind Your Employee Development Strategy

The right development strategies can boost employee engagement and retention. Our assessments provide the data you need to build them.

Transform the Way You Approach 
Employee Development 

If you want to build high performing teams, reduce employee turnover, and boost employee retention, you need the right information. But having all the data in the world isn’t helpful if you don’t know how to actually apply it to make better, more strategic future decisions.
That’s why Omnia’s employee development assessments are designed to make this process easier than ever before.
We won’t just leave you with a boatload of data that is unorganized and impossible to understand. Instead, we’ll give you clear reports with actionable insights that can be quickly implemented in your workforce to guide your employee development and workforce optimization efforts.
Our employee development assessment results provide a wealth of information on job task preferences, motivators, challenges, and development opportunities that could take years for you to uncover on your own.

Each Assessment Report Includes:

Easy to read graphics
24/7 support and guidance from a real-life expert
Customized analyses of each employee, including their:
Assertiveness level
Problem-solving style
Communication style
Attention to detail
Work pace
omnia development graph
Whether you’ve known your employee for ten minutes or ten years, you’ll learn something new and walk away with information that can actually be used to improve your employee development strategy and influence future workforce decisions.

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Improve Engagement With Career Planning

Once you’ve used data from our hiring assessments to bring the top talent you’re looking for onto your team, the next step is keeping them there. Highly skilled and motivated employees will quickly become bored if you aren’t able to provide continuous employee development opportunities and outline a clear career path they can keep working towards.
After all, they’ve gotten to where they are today because they care about learning new skills and growing as a professional—and wouldn’t you want them to keep doing that at your company rather than a competitor?
Insights from our Professional Development Report can be used to uncover each individual's motivators, potential gaps in their natural aptitudes, and how they prefer to be coached. This way, you can create an employee development plan that aligns and create a future career path tailored to their own unique strengths, challenges, and goals.
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Boost Employee Retention and Employee Satisfaction

Employee turnover is a huge expense—after you’ve already spent time and money to hire a candidate, you’ll have to go back to square one and repeat the process with their replacement. How can you avoid this?
By keeping your employees highly engaged, giving them opportunities to grow professionally, and coaching them in the way that is most aligned with their learning style. All of these insights can be gained through the Omnia Retention Report, which helps you understand each employee’s wants and needs.
When you have the information you need to improve employee-manager communication, increase employee engagement, and tackle challenges in the workplace, it’ll show your top talent you’re invested in their future. This means they’ll want to keep working for you and not the competition—decreasing your employee turnover ratio and helping you save time and money on rehiring expenses.

Build Better Leaders

We get it—being an awesome manager isn’t always easy. When every single employee on your team has their own unique preferences, goals, and needs, keeping track of it all can feel overwhelming.
That’s why our Leadership Report and Direct Report Analysis were designed to generate insights that managers can use to build essential leadership skills that make a real difference. These reports offer tips to enhance your relationship with each member of your team in one clear, comprehensive place, including:
Employee development suggestions to help each individual reach their greatest potential
Ways to align your leadership style with each employee’s motivation, training, and recognition needs
Management and coaching advice to make the most of your time with each employee
Communication suggestions
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Enhance Collaboration and Team Performance

Wondering how to motivate employees to achieve their greatest potential and boost collaboration? Looking for ways to help your teams communicate better so they can meet your business goals?
The key is to have a deep understanding into each employee’s desired motivation, training, and recognition styles—but it can be difficult for any one manager to uncover these preferences for every single employee on their team. Luckily, they don’t have to do it alone! Our Team Dynamics Report will help you immediately learn things about your team that may not be obvious on a resume, in an interview, or even after years on the job. The result?
Improved employee-manager communication
Better collaboration between team members
The ability to build more effective teams

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