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Elevate Your Hiring Process With 
Pre-Employment Assessments

Get a complete picture of a potential candidate through our hiring assessments, empowering you to make more strategic decisions.

Develop a Competitive Advantage Through 
Job Personality Assessments

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Information is Power

Pre-employment assessments give you just that—information. In a highly competitive labor market, this can be your competitive advantage. Rather than trying to figure out everything about a candidate from their resume and a few short interviews, job personality assessments will immediately equip you with the insights you need to make the best, most strategic hiring decisions possible.

A Proven, Customizable Process

By implementing a hiring assessment process that works for you and aligns with the needs of your organization, you can enhance your overall hiring process, positively impacting profits and productivity. How?

Save Time and Money

When you utilize pre-employment assessments, you can gain peace of mind that you’re putting the right candidate in the right role the first time around. This way, they can get to work and start providing value to your business sooner, and you won’t be stuck repeating the entire hiring process again if your first selection doesn’t work out—saving you valuable time, money, and resources!

Our Pre-Employment Assessments

We offer a variety of pre-employment assessments to help you better understand a candidate and how they’ll perform in a given position—from both a personality and job role perspective

The Omnia Behavioral Assessment

Our most popular hiring assessment is an employee personality assessment, The Omnia assessment. This kind of job personality assessment will give you a solid look at the core, stable behavioral tendencies of a potential employee. Since we measure an individual’s core and usually unvarying traits, you only have to give your candidates one personality test. From there, we can compare your candidate against any position. While the jobs change, the candidate doesn’t!

For example, our pre-employment personality test can tell you how assertive an individual is, which is something that typically remains the same year after year as opposed to a candidate’s current level of frustration or excitement, which are temporary emotional responses. By understanding the core personality traits of your candidates, you’ll have a better idea how they will actually perform the job day in and day out. That’s information worth having!
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The best employee personality assessments, like the Omnia assessment, can also show you the various levels of each trait. For example, some people are extremely assertive and competitive, while others are mildly assertive but not forceful. This type of information can be extremely valuable if, for instance, you are hiring a road-warrior sales rep, you want someone with the bold competitiveness to ask for the business and close deals without being overly forceful.
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The Omnia Cognitive Assessment

Another valuable pre-employment assessment involves testing for cognitive aptitude. Thousands of studies have shown that cognitive aptitude is a strong indicator of successful job performance across a variety of jobs, which is why 80% of Fortune 500 companies currently use this tool in their hiring process.
Omnia’s cognitive aptitude test provides a reliable measure of your candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems, adapt to new situations and environments, and comprehend ideas. This can help you quickly identify if your candidate has the problem-solving aptitude and reasoning ability to function at peak performance in their new role—before you throw them into it.
Many of our clients pair the cognitive and behavioral assessments together to get a more complete picture of a potential candidate, but have the flexibility of seeing results at different points in the hiring cycle. The possibilities are nearly endless when you’re equipped with the information you need to hire based on data rather than guesswork!
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Why Use Pre-Employment Testing in Your Hiring Process?

You Can Never Have Too Much Information

Choosing to bring a new employee onto the team is a big decision. After all, people are a company’s biggest asset, requiring a significant investment of time and resources. So, when making a hiring selection, it never hurts to have extra information. Omnia’s behavioral and cognitive assessments will give you a more complete picture of a candidate and provide more information than an interview or resume alone so you can make well-informed hiring decisions.

They Can Be Used to Form Future Interview Questions

Ideally, personality assessments are administered before the first interview, but results can be used along the entire selection process. Results from our pre-employment assessments should reinforce conclusions from the initial interview, as well as bring up issues that you may have noticed but couldn’t quite put your finger on. Now, you’ll have a guide for the next interview; a road map of the candidate’s strengths and challenges so hiring managers can ask targeted questions based on any concerns you might have.

You Can Gain Third-Party Objectivity

It can be easy to overlook problems with a candidate’s behaviors or gaps in their skill set if you like them in the interview. Our pre-employment assessments provide an unbiased look at a candidate’s strengths and potential challenges so you can ensure you’re hiring the best possible candidate for a job, not just your personal favorite.

They Actually Work

Pre-employment testing is proven to provide accurate insight that you simply can’t gain from a resume or interview. Instead of taking months of employment to uncover them on your own, why not leverage a tool that actually works and makes the hiring process simpler and more effective for everyone?

How Can You Choose the Right Pre-Employment, Hiring Assessment?


Your assessment provider should be confident enough in their tool to have it independently validated. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it—which is why at Omnia, our assessments have been independently validated, giving you peace of mind that you’re using a proven and trusted solution.

Customer Service

Hiring assessments are now more popular than ever, meaning there are many options on the market. Once you assess validity, it’s key to choose an assessment provider that delivers attentive, helpful, knowledgeable service—one that won’t just sell a product, but be your partner throughout your entire hiring and employee development process.
The Omnia Group believes in unconditional client support. From technical questions to reviewing reports, we help our clients get maximum ROI on assessment data.

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