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Learn How Our Consulting Products Can Transform Your Teams

Our products are proven to be effective, and come with the 24/7 support that makes all the difference when it comes to implementation. 


Our multiple assessments make it possible for you to uncover the natural job behaviors and cognitive aptitude of a candidate before spending valuable time and resources on further interviews, training, and onboarding.
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Learn tips for turning insights from our assessments into actionable solutions through on-site workshops and seminars. With the help of our behavioral coaches, it’s simple to positively impact your workforce and transform your company culture.
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Omnia Profile

Hire for fit, manage for optimum performance. Custom reports assess candidates and existing staff.

Target Selection

Develop job benchmarks based on the traits of top performers, enabling you to find your next wave of talent.

Cognitive Assessment

Measure your candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems and comprehend ideas. Cognitive aptitude is a strong indicator of successful job performance.
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