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Hiring & Employee Development Assessments for an 
Optimized Workforce

Our pre-employment assessments empower you to make hiring, promotion, and employee development decisions that are backed by data and aligned to meet your business goals.
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Your Competitive Advantage in Hiring 
and Employee Development  

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We get it—the labor market is rapidly changing and hiring a new employee is a big investment of your time and resources. So, you need to get it right the first time. The Omnia Group is here to help.
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Omnia Hiring Assessments

Make it possible to make well-informed, data-backed decisions whether you’re bringing someone totally new onto the team or promoting a current top performer. But we don’t just sell a product and leave you to figure out how to turn insights into action on your own—we’re a partner throughout the entire employee lifecycle.
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Our Expert Analysts

We are always here to help you understand reports, break down data, and teach you how to apply it. We’re passionate about improving your hiring process and employee development and retention strategies so you can meet your future goals, whatever they may be.

Pre-Employment Assessments to Meet 
Your Workforce Needs and Goals

No organization, employee, or job role is exactly the same. That’s why we have a variety of pre-employment assessments that can be customized to fit your exact needs, used individually, or combined to get a more complete picture of a potential candidate.
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The Omnia Behavioral Assessment

Our most popular pre-employment assessment gives you a deeper understanding of a candidate’s personality, workplace preferences, and motivators—plus how those traits will affect their performance in the particular role you’re looking to fill. This is invaluable information to your hiring process that simply can’t be uncovered from a resume or short interview.
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The Omnia Cognitive Assessment

Our employee aptitude test evaluates a candidate’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems. This allows you to quickly identify if they have the problem-solving aptitude and reasoning ability to function at peak performance in their new role—before you invest valuable time and resources training them for a role that wasn’t the right fit in the first place.
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And More!
From our Sales Style Report that uncovers how to motivate each salesperson to boost their numbers to the Leadership report that helps managers coach their teams, we offer hiring assessments to meet virtually any industry, company, and need.

Hiring Assessments That Aren’t Just for Hiring

Are you unsure how to motivate employees to reach their greatest potential? Are you wondering why your business has some high performing teams and others that are falling behind? Are you experiencing high employee turnover that is costing you money and lowering company morale?
The first step toward workforce success is selecting employees that are the right fit for both the job role and your company. But while the hiring process is certainly crucial, the work doesn’t stop there.
If you aren’t maintaining employee engagement through a well-thought-out employee retention strategy, you’ll likely lose the top talent you worked so hard to attract. That’s why our pre-employment assessments can be used at different points in the employee lifecycle.
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Make More Strategic Hires

Information is power, especially in the hiring process. Pre-employment testing will equip you with the insights you need to make the best, most strategic hiring decisions possible rather than relying on guesswork or gut feelings alone.
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optimize employee development path with omnia

Optimize Employee Development Paths

Once an employee has accepted your offer, your work isn’t done. Insights from our hiring assessments can continue to be used to craft an employee development plan aligned with each individual's preferences, motivators, and career goals.
increase employee retention with omnia

Increase Employee Retention Rates

Data from our hiring assessments can be used as a valuable tool in your employee retention strategy. This way, you’ll know how to motivate employees in ways that will keep them working for you—not the competition.
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