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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
Goal-setting: A recipe for mutual success
Quantifiable, realistic objectives work best. In today’s busy business environment, many managers and HR professionals can find it challenging to allocate time for employee goal-setting sessions. The reality is that goal-setting with employees is still a fundamental element of effective management. Goals can provide focus to employees, enhance their chances for success, and sustain their […]
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Why Should Great People Work for You?
The economy seems ever so slowly to be on the rise. What lessons have you learned from the recession? What are your plans for 2011? Most employers and employees agree that the workplace they knew before 2007 is not the same one that currently exists. Some of the changes are obvious: fewer staff members, salary […]
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Who’s Under Fire?
Terminating someone is never easy, but it may be you who is hit hardest! They know they’re in the crosshairs! Employees who are not meeting standards and can’t seem to pull their job performance together often live in fear, knowing it’s probably only a matter of time before you call them into your office and […]
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A Few Good Employees...making the most of a downsized team.
Is your current management strategy working for you? Does it help sustain growth? How effectively is it preparing you and your employees for the future ‘new normal’ expected within the banking industry? Given the range of challenges now faced daily by you and your team, it’s more important than ever to keep pace with management's […]
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What’s the hardest part of your job as an RV dealership manager?
Increasing sales volumes? Controlling unit inventory? Building a strong customer relationship base? Chances are you’d shake your head “No” to each one. While these three challenges might consume a good portion of your time and fall near the top of your list of concerns, it may be that dealing with the wants, needs, and varied […]
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