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Facing Hire Risks

December 14, 2010

By: Omnia Group

Really great PWC (personal watercraft) salespeople make their job look easy and fun!  While this may seem like a good thing, it can actually be a big problem, since it gives others the impression that anyone can sell – or should at least try. Wrong. Contrary to what some may say, your products do not just sell themselves!

You’ve probably faced your share of personnel dilemmas. Whether it was your brother’s sister-in-law’s neighbor’s son who begged to sell your watercraft or your service tech who threatened to quit unless you moved him into sales, you likely have horror stories about mismatched, ineffective, nightmare employees and hiring decisions you’ve come to regret. You’re not alone. Most employers find out the hard way that placing the wrong person in a job usually leads directly to arguments, poor relationships, mutual disappointment, and short-term retention.

Unfortunately, these personnel dilemmas are not limited to sales. Managers ill-prepared to make independent decisions are mistakenly brought on board, and administrators with no eye for detail are wrongfully placed behind clerical desks. When you take on unsuitable employees, their mistakes and overall lack of productivity cost your dealership not only precious time but also a substantial amount of money!

Let’s say you have a vacant position in sales and already know you need an assertive, outgoing, confident closer. You’ll be supervising this position and know you get along best with someone who’s like you – competitive, enthusiastic, and people-oriented. You’ve found several candidates who seem to meet your needs, but how do you know which one is really best for the job? One person seems assertive and ambitious, but could he also be too aggressive and scare away customers? Can that friendly, exuberant applicant really close deals – or brag about doing so?

Fortunately, there are simple ways to ease the decision-making process when hiring. An excellent management tool is The Omnia® Profile, as it not only allows you to know in advance about potential shortfalls and strengths of a job candidate but also allows you to compare the traits of that candidate to existing employees! Applicants respond to a 10-minute questionnaire, which, when completed, is sent to trained analysts for evaluation. A recommendation (or not!) of your candidate is made and returned to you, along with interview questions and management tips designed especially for you.

These are the instructions you wish came with every employee!

Valuable insight regarding a person’s work approach, drive, and ability to fit onto your team can be gained. Whether you’re looking to hire, promote, or develop a succession plan, it pays to know all you can about an employee. To do anything less puts you, your staff, your customers, and your entire business at risk!

Omnia Group

For over 30 years, we’ve helped organizations across the world improve and optimize their workforce operations and company cultures. While we take a unique, scientific approach to hiring, development and retention, we also believe every business is a people business. Our passionate advisors always put people first.

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