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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
Retain Your Top Employees in 2011
It’s no secret that the recent economic downturn has thrown fear into the hearts of many employees and forced most to hold tight to their jobs – like them or not. However….a recent survey by job-placement firm Manpower states that 84% of employees plan to look for a new position this year! That is up […]
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Why Don’t the New Hires Get It?
The last training session proved disastrous. There you were, at the front of the room, speaking enthusiastically about the challenges of turning reluctant prospects into satisfied clients. But the faces staring back at you looked skeptical. A couple of people seemed genuinely and openly uninspired by your unabashedly brilliant and animated presentation; others looked confused. […]
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Have Your Workers Found Their True Calling?
Unfortunately, workers rarely get to use their signature strengths around the office. If they did, they’d see their responsibilities as not just a job but a true calling. In simple terms, signature strengths can be compared to career-related DNA. Like genetic cells, they differ from one person to the next, and everyone has them; they’re […]
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Promoting Changes
Realigning staff can breathe new life into your dealership, or… it can strangle it! The latest wave of eager, book-schooled graduates is crashing onto the shores of every industry throughout the world; hiring managers are finding themselves taking on the somewhat unenviable role of traffic directors. With eyes focused on the goal of long-term success […]
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The Many Minds of Employees
Want to know the real secret to true camaraderie in a collections office?  It ensures each staff member understands a colleague’s specific responses to and interpretations of everyday business situations. This is not to say they must be agreed with, as varying opinions and opposing viewpoints often promote fresh ideas and broader visions. However, simply […]
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The Producer Pit
Stop wasting time and money on hopelessly ineffective salespeople! It’s not just poor leadership or a downward-spiraling economy that can trip off a major financial disaster within your agency. Unwittingly hiring a Producer who’s actually ill-suited to the job will also do it. The statistics are disturbing and speak for themselves: a recent survey shows […]
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