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Why Am I Like This? The Benefits of Self-Reflection, and 5 Tips for Cultivating It
In the middle of June, I suddenly came to feel like my to-do list was my entire personality. I’d find myself mumbling, “ok, what’s next?” all the time! Even when I was doing something I liked, I considered it something to “get through,” rather than something to experience and enjoy. Family gatherings, vacations, even my […]
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Mindful Communication: 4 Tips for Interacting with Introverts
Continuing Omnia’s month of mindfulness, this week’s blog focuses on mindful, thoughtful communication with introverts. Don’t try to adjust your screen; you read that correctly. “But introverts don’t like talking to people, right?”, you may think. Yet communicating with introverts isn’t an oxymoron. And since an estimated one third to one half of the population […]
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Celebrating National Pet Month: The 8 Omnia Columns, As Illustrated by My Pets
Did you know May is National Pet Month? I didn’t, but I should have. You’d think one of my pets would have mentioned it! Of course, my cats think every day is national cat month (although they don’t have too much interest in other pets), and my puppy is just happy to be involved in […]
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Tacos, Margaritas, and the Perfect Work Team?
What do tacos and margaritas have in common with the perfect work team, you might ask. It’s a fair question. And I have the answer, backed by some pretty sound logic. * Tacos and margaritas are both made up of different components that come together to create a cohesive and enjoyable experience, just like an […]
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Addressing Conflict to Build Team Unity
One doesn’t often think of conflict and unity in the same breath. Workplace conflict is something most of us dread, especially when our days are stressful enough. But conflict, workplace and otherwise, is inevitable when interacting with other human beings. The good news is that conflict doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In […]
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Is There Trouble in the Air? 8 Things to do When Employee Engagement Declines
You know how it is. Things are good with your team; everything’s clicking, spirits are high, and productivity is higher… until suddenly it isn’t. Suddenly, things feel off. You’re not sure what’s wrong; you just know something is. Employee engagement is a measure of how committed and invested an employee is in their job and […]
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