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Five Things Your Employees Will Appreciate More Than a Holiday Party
Who doesn’t like a party? Parties are fun! There’s music, food, laughter, and great conversation. It’s a chance to connect with friends and cut loose a little. Your office holiday party, which typically occurs during work hours, is double the fun. Instead of being paid to work, employees are being paid to not work. How cool is […]
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Time-Management Mastery: 5 Techniques for Managing your Time
November in the U.S. marks the end of Daylight Savings Time and (for me at least) celebrating the wresting back of that hour of sleep I so unwillingly gave up in March. Since the average person doesn’t have the option of just changing the clock to manage our days, and since both the clock and […]
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5 Tricks to Make Dealing with Difficult Coworkers More of a Treat
Remember when you were a kid and went trick-or-treating on Halloween? Oh, the fond memories of fun-size chocolate bars and mini packs of candies. Sometimes you discovered a house that was giving out full-size candy bars, and you etched that house into your memory to go to every year thereafter. Some people even handed out […]
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7 Tips for Avoiding a Zombie Outbreak in Your Company
Halloween is upon us, and with it comes a scary new term! We’ve gotten past the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, the (not-so-great) trend of quiet quitting. Cue the scary music and cover your eyes because we’re now facing The Great Gloom. The Great Gloom is a term coined by BambooHR to describe a growing […]
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Bridging the Virtual Divide: The Importance of Building a Hybrid Culture and 5 Ways to Get Started
When it comes to hybrid work environments, I’ve seen (and worked in) most all variations. When I first started at Omnia as an analyst, our team was able to earn telecommuting privileges, working from home for up to three days a week. Years later, I became a fully remote employee, working totally from home, while […]
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Six Steps for Shaping a Positive Corporate Culture
Whether it has been consciously identified or not, every company has a corporate culture. Maybe it’s characterized by change and is therefore dynamic. Maybe your corporate culture is aggressive and focused on growth. Possibly, it is focused on being cutting edge or branded by providing the best customer service. Or less positively, your corporate culture could […]
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