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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
Spotlight on Allison Grealis and the Women in Manufacturing® Association (WiM)
Women and manufacturing have come a long way. Do you recognize the name Mary Bittorf?  She was one of the first women in the workplace, and it was in a factory, making manufacturing one of the first industries to hire women in the United States in 1905. And that brings us to Allison Grealis. Allison […]
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The Omnia Group Celebrates its 38th Year by Partnering with Habitat for Humanity
March 2023 marks The Omnia Group’s 38th anniversary and our 38th year calling Tampa Bay our home. Those who live here know what a special, vibrant community the Tampa Bay area is. We always welcome opportunities to thank our neighbors for making this area so special by giving back in some way. During the pandemic, […]
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5 Ways to Manage Codependent Employees
You may cringe when you hear the term “codependent relationship” because the phrase has negative connotations. But, while codependency may cause poor team dynamics and productivity disruptions, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, codependent employees can be incredible assets to your company with a bit of attention and guidance from you. Let’s […]
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What’s New in Leadership and Management in 2023? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know
For many of us, the last few years have felt like a few decades. The world changed by the minute, and we did our best to keep up. But, while the coming year may be less volatile, we can still expect significant shifts in the business landscape. That means, as leaders, we need to be […]
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Want to be a Better Coach and Mentor? Here are 5 Tips You Need to Know
Did you know it’s National Mentoring Month? Me either. I didn’t even know it was a thing. But it got me thinking about the new year and the dreaded “R” word… resolutions. A worthwhile goal for all leaders is to be better at coaching and mentoring. Why? Because one of the most complicated assets of […]
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Leveraging Talent Within - How to Get Started with an Internal Mobility Strategy
Each year, The Omnia Group surveys leaders in small and mid-sized businesses across all industries to identify top talent trends and the strategies organizations are using to address them. Our current survey closes on December 31st, and we’re excited to publish the results in early 2023. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to […]
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