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Looking Back Before Moving Forward: A 2023 Retrospective

December 25, 2023

By: Alaina Sims

In a few short days we’ll embark on the adventure of a new year, looking ahead to new aspirations and new possibilities. But before we close the book on 2023, it’s important to reflect on the year gone by—wins, losses, unexpected detours, and hard-earned achievements.

Some of the many benefits of taking the time to look back over the year include:

  1. Goal review: Businesses can evaluate the objectives they set out to reach and the success (or struggles) of the strategies they used to attain them.
  2. Course correction: If the methods of goal achievement fell short of expectations, companies can adjust their plans going forward. Additionally, they can take stock of outstanding goals and determine if those targets are still worthy to pursue.
  3. Celebrating successes: Reflecting on the year offers a chance to identify the victories, assess how the tactics used were successful (and how to duplicate or even improve upon those results in the year to come), and recognize the individuals who contributed to those positive outcomes.
  4. Continuous improvement: On the flipside of celebrating successes, identifying missteps can provide valuable insights on the best ways of moving forward to find better solutions and prevent similar occurrences in the future.
  5. Customer retention: Organizations can review the factors that contributed to gaining and keeping customers as well as those that caused some customers to move on. Evaluating these aspects can help businesses focus their efforts on ways to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in the new year.

It’s exciting and gratifying to look back and see how your hard work has paid off this past year—and how the goals you attain not only benefit your company but also your employees, your customers, and your community. We here at Omnia have also been hard at work this past year; let’s look back at some of the highlights!

Omnia’s Year in Review

We hit the ground running in 2023. In January, Omnia released its new 3-part, mobile-friendly behavioral assessment. Our new assessment can now be taken on all devices and is quicker and easier to complete, enhancing the candidate experience—all without sacrificing accuracy, as evidenced by our latest external validation study. Also, recognizing the ever-changing nature of language, Omnia modernized some of the words on the assessment’s adjective checklist, which caused the internal reliability of the assessment to increase!

In February, Omnia released its 2nd Annual Talent Trends Survey Report. This report compiles human capital and talent strategy data given directly from respondents who work in various roles, at companies of different sizes, and in a number of industries. This easy-to-read, informative report offers organizations insights on the diverse factors that have affected hiring and employee retention as well as information-backed recommendations on growing employee motivation and improving productivity.

(And it’s not too late to share your insights for our 2024 Talent Trends Survey. But act now! The survey closes December 31, 2023.)

Omnia kicked off the summer season by launching enhanced Target Selection and Development reports. The reports were given a makeover that offers visual consistency among the reports as well as improved navigation and comprehension. In addition, Omnia updated the interview questions for the Target Selection report to reflect the contemporary work environment. These questions can help employers engage in even more informative, relevant dialogue with job candidates and aid in their employee selection process.

Omnia is committed to giving back to the community, and we were honored to have opportunities to do so throughout the year. We participated in quarterly service initiatives including partnering with Habitat for Humanity on a Home Preservation project, sending supplies to the Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation, Inc., donating to a food drive for Hope For Her, and giving toys to Toys for Tots.

We welcomed some new faces to the Omnia family in 2023. Kris Spell came on board as the Director of Sales, bringing over two decades of experience, specializing in sales and talent acquisition. Additionally, Mikki Clayton joined Omnia and uses her experience in business development and account management as our new Business Development Consultant. Kris and Mikki have already proven how valuable they are to our company, and we are excited to see the successes they achieve in 2024!

Recently, we announced upgrades to Omnia’s cognitive and grammar assessments. Now, like our behavioral assessment, our grammar and cognitive assessments are mobile friendly and easier to navigate. The touch-friendly interface and responsive design offer a more user-friendly, flexible experience for participants taking all of our assessments!

It's not an exaggeration to say that every person at Omnia played an important role in bringing these accomplishments to life. The power of a team is never more apparent than when reflecting back on the year and appreciating the hard work everyone contributed and the goals they achieved.

Let Omnia be a part of your team to fulfill your 2024 hiring, retention, and employee engagement goals! Reach out to us today to find out how we can help. And speaking of 2024 goals, join us for our webinar 2024 Vision: Master Goal Setting and Achieve Your Best Year Ever on January 16, 2024 at 12:30pm ET.

From everyone at Omnia, we wish you a bright, successful new year!

Alaina Sims

Alaina first joined Omnia in 2003 as an analyst and was sold on its mission from the start. So much so that, after a move and brief time away, she came back in 2013 and now works as the Senior Manager of Profile Analysis and Workflow. She writes and edits various Omnia products and is the resident “follow-upper” to help keep the department running smoothly. She is grateful for a role that marries her love of data analysis and the written word in a way that enables her to help clients find (and keep) productive, fulfilled employees.

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