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Read about tips and trends affecting hiring and employee development. 
How Connection Impacts Employee Retention in the Real World
While there are a lot of components that go into employee retention, one of the most intriguing finds from last year’s Talent Trends survey is how employees’ sense of belonging can impact retention and productivity. It seems like a no-brainer when you think about it – feeling connected to an organization and enjoying quality relationships […]
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The Only Way to Go is Up? Not necessarily! Redefining Advancement for Your Employees
Many businesses operate under the assumption that the only way for an employee to advance is through a promotion to a management position. After all, the top tiers of most org charts show leadership roles. It is a laudable goal to move toward management if the employee has a genuine interest in, and the natural […]
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17 Ways to Boost Your Employee Retention Strategy
You let out a heavy sigh as you scan through the resignation letter on your desk. Employee turnover has always been somewhat of an issue at your organization. But lately, there’s been a mass exodus of talent. Unfortunately, this critical departure will leave you and the rest of your team scrambling to hit the targets […]
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Reducing the Cost to Hire by Improving Retention
The hiring process is expensive. On average, it takes companies 30 days to fill a role and costs them $7,500 in lost productivity, but this expense doesn't end once the position is filled. They now need to invest resources into training their new employees so they can be productive as soon as possible. If you're […]
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Managing During a Labor Shortage
With the high cost of employee turnover, there is never a good time to lose someone on your team. But with the Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle (depending on who you ask), it feels more critical than ever to hold onto your employees. This is especially true if you have directly felt the effects of […]
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The Great Resignation: Who is Accountable for Employee Retention?
Let me tell you a quick story about the worst boss and worst company I’ve ever worked for. I won’t give specifics to protect the guilty, but my boss was a nightmare. He was a micromanager who required three email updates per day on the progress of projects. He also spoke to people like they […]
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