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Kris Spell
Director of Sales
Omnia personality: The Visionary
As the Director of Sales for Omnia, I hold a pivotal role in the organization, overseeing all aspects of our sales operations, from recruitment and training to strategy development and execution. My focus is on ensuring that our clients receive a unique and personalized experience, expedited hiring processes, and the elimination of hiring risks through our cutting-edge assessments. This commitment will not only benefit our clients but leads to a substantial increase in employee retention rates.

I am a seasoned professional with over 20 years of expertise in the IT staffing and Supply Chain sectors, specializing in sales and talent acquisition. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a knack for strategy development and execution, even in challenging markets, economic downturns, and periods of disruption. My dedication to innovation and modernization has enabled me to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking and biking and spending time with friends and family. You may also find me sitting on a beach somewhere.
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