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How Behavioral Assessments Reduce Employee Turnover

July 26, 2019

By: Omnia Group

You’ve seen the resume. You’ve conducted the interview. But without a practical pre-employment assessment, do you really know whom you’re hiring? The answer is probably no.

Does High Employee Turnover Trouble Your Organization?

It’s them, not you. Or is it? If your workplace is turning into a revolving door of employees, you might be hiring the wrong candidates. Sure, they look great on paper; however, they might have the wrong temperament to fit into your company. A behavioral assessment helps you gauge a candidate’s soft skills before hiring them.

Target Your Hiring to Fill Critical Positions

All things being equal, education and experience should be enough to ensure that a jobseeker fits in perfectly with your staff. Nevertheless, you could hedge your bets by finding out how the candidates will do with things like communication, pace, and need for structure. Moreover, you can predict how they might interact with long-established as well as demanding customers.

Targeting your hiring decisions with employment assessment tools makes it easier to fill critical positions with confidence. Is it possible that the new hire will walk out in a week? Sure, however, it’s far less likely.

Why it Works


Are you looking for someone to groom for leadership or an advanced position in the future? This candidate has a different approach to work than someone who intends to be a top performer in the sales or service department long term.

  1. Workstyle. Efficiency is the key to productivity. Some workers have a difficult time getting organized. They need handholding when it comes to prioritizing tasks. If you have the time to spend on it, you could develop a new worker. If you need a self-starter, this candidate isn’t a good option.
  2. Culture fit. Everyone most likely shows up to the interview in a suit and dress shoes. But if your corporate culture is relaxed, will this individual fit in? You might be surprised to learn that some workers have difficulty making a transition from formal to informal.
  3. Natural talent. Do you need a problem solver? Some people have the ability to walk into a situation, take charge, organize it, delegate as necessary, and get results. If this is the type of personality you’re looking for, a behavioral assessment can help you find it.

It’s important to note that although these tests have a high success rate, they’re not necessarily perfect. There’s room for human error. Besides that, you might choose to override a test result because your natural talent is to pick good candidates. Therefore, do not feel that you have to let the numbers master you. Rather, consider them as a guidance tool.

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Why Aren’t More Companies Conducting a Pre-Employment Assessment of Candidates?

In a word: tradition. So far, hiring managers have always tested hard skills. There were typing speed tests, math tests, critical thinking assessments, and grammar tests. You learned that the candidate could communicate professionally, type quickly, and do ten-key by touch. But you learned next to nothing about their personality.

Another reason is the lack of vision. Maybe your firm hasn’t invested in the design of a mission or vision statement. Heck, you might not even have taken the time to put together a buyer persona. Maybe you just got lucky by offering the market what it wanted.

However, just as there’s a buyer persona, there’s also an employee persona. You can develop it yourself by doing extensive research on the successful staff members you currently have. On the other hand, if you would rather spend your time running your business, let the Omnia Group put together the employment assessment tools for you.

Implement them, sit back, and see what to conduct a behavioral interview download omnia

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