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Behavioral Assessments - Hotter than Ever!

October 28, 2010

By: Kerry

We're always intrigued when people respond to identical situations in startlingly different ways. Some don't hesitate to push back when pushed, while others willingly retreat. Skeptics question everything. Believers have no doubts. Introverts, extraverts, rebels, diplomats, leaders, followers, opportunists and procrastinators all find their way into this world.
But what happens when they all find their way into your company? How do you manage such starkly contrasting personalities? Do you really know who's who?
Hiring new employees and managing existing personnel can be a painstakingly hit-or-miss process when you can only guess at a person's specific needs, traits and motivators. How can you confidently bring a new employee on board when all you have to go by is a well-polished resume and a friendly interview?
Employees are risky investments. They'll either boost your bottom line or chip away at it - dollar by dollar, day by day. A smart hiring decision scores a win; a bad hiring decision is a loss of both time and money.
The risks of taking on the unknown go way beyond hiring. It's also impossible to successfully manage existing staff members when you have no idea what motivates them.
Employers looking to reduce the financial losses associated with excessive turnover are aware of how vital it is to hire the right applicants and understand the behavior of their employees -- and they're utilizing personality assessment tools to help them do this. The goal is to find the best possible candidates for open positions and key in to the hot and cold buttons of existing staff members.
Personality assessments are typically used for selecting new workers and developing existing personnel. In addition to rating a candidate's compatibility with a job and work environment, many evaluations also provide clearly defined Do's and Don'ts for a specific personality, tailored questions to ask during interviews/employee evaluations, and pertinent advice on how to help counter the effects of stress on particular personalities in the workplace.
Assessments are a valuable piece of the intricate, always challenging puzzle that is the human mind. They serve as readily available, reliable tools that make hiring, promotion, management and succession-planning decisions much easier.


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