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The Omnia Group Releases 2023 Annual Talent Trends Report

Tampa-based company releases second Annual Talent Trends Report after surveying over 380 companies from ten different industries across corporate America.

TAMPA, FL, February 22, 2023 – The Omnia Group, an employment assessment company specializing in hiring and professional development, has just released its second Annual Talent Trends Survey Report titled Amplify Your Organizational Success. Omnia surveyed over 380 companies across industries, functions, and hierarchies to offer critical actionable insights to help organizations navigate talent strategies in 2023.

This year, Omnia explored several key talent management issues impacted by the rising inflation and recessionary climate to bring forth relevant practices. The survey covers hiring, internal mobility, turnover, and career development initiatives in ten different industries, including automotive, consumer, energy, government and public services, insurance, manufacturing, non-profits, professional services, staffing and recruitment, and transportation.

With this survey, Omnia aims to help companies develop a competitive advantage with talent at the center of the strategic organizational pillar. Omnia puts you on the right track by providing insights, facts, and figures to help you develop a resilient talent strategy. If you want to help your company build positive, motivated teams, tackle employee turnover challenges, and boost employee retention, we recommend reading this report and implementing the content directly into your company’s talent acquisition and management strategies.

Omnia surveyed representatives from human resource teams primarily. However, it also received input from individuals representing sales, operations, marketing, and customer service teams. They combined these survey responses and observations with research published by industry experts to create a top-notch report full of valuable information for any entrepreneur or business leader looking to retain talent and scale their business.

The Omnia Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Keather Snyder, said, “We are facing a new world of work and working dynamics. While economic uncertainties grow, leaders are facing a host of new business challenges every day. No matter the economic climate, investing in your employees will always give great returns. Understanding your people and building an employee-first culture is key to growing your business.”

The easy-to-read format of this report gives you information on the types of assessments companies are using to ascertain technical and computer skills as well as behavioral and personality traits. It also helps you understand various talent-related initiatives, from improving applicant tracking systems to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion, that companies are adopting in 2023.

The Omnia Group’s Chief Product Officer, Wendy Sheaffer, said, “We make ongoing efforts to gather feedback and insight from organizations using our assessments to improve our product and customer service. Our annual survey has become one of those avenues to research market needs, analyze them, and present actionable insights. I’m excited to share this report on the heels of our new validity study and the launch of our new faster, 3-part mobile-friendly assessment. 2023 is off to a great start for us.”

Now, more than ever, leaders must depend on comprehensive data for workforce planning and talent decisions. Omnia’s scientifically designed and validated behavioral and cognitive assessments and suite of reports for individual employee development, team dynamics, and leadership development equip leaders with the insight they need to make data-backed decisions.

Keather added, “It is inspiring to see the trust our clients and partner community have placed in our Annual Talent Trends Survey Report, with a 153% increase in survey participation. We truly believe the insight from this report will help leaders pivot from human resources to human results while navigating the modern-day workplace and market dynamics.”

You can get your copy of Omnia’s Annual Talent Trends Survey Report: Amplify Your Organizational Success by clicking on /talent-trends-survey-report-2023-amplify-your-organizational-success/.



About The Omnia Group, Inc.

Through a simple yet sophisticated behavioral assessment, Omnia empowers HR and business leaders to continuously grow, develop and inspire their workforce. Omnia offers a variety of insightful reports, resources, and tools to help leaders understand, empower, and evolve their people.

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife, John and Heather Caswell, Omnia was one of the first to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace and quickly became one of the most relied-on pre-employment and developmental assessment companies in the U.S. Omnia takes pride in their ability to help clients hire and retain employees using assessments during the selection and development processes.

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