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Elevate Talent Decisions with Personality Data and Interview Insights

Omnia Reports help organizations strategically optimize talent selection, maximize talent potential, and develop a strong, effective workforce.

New Updates to our Cognitive and Grammar Assessments

Our popular Cognitive and Grammar assessments have gotten an upgrade! In our continuous endeavor to improve the user experience, we are introducing our modernized Cognitive and Grammar Assessments! In addition to our recently updated 3-part, mobile-friendly Behavioral Assessments, our Cognitive and Grammar Assessments now seamlessly adapt to all devices.

What does this mean?

All our assessments are now even more…

User Friendly: Our assessments are now easier to navigate on smaller screens, with a touch-friendly interface that ensures an effortless experience for assessment takers.

Accessible: Our responsive design adapts to various screen sizes and orientations, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their device, can easily and quickly participate in assessments.

Flexible: With our mobile-friendly upgrade, candidates and employees can complete any of our assessments anywhere they receive email.

New Updates to Target Selection and Development Reports

Omnia’s automated Target Selection and Development reports deliver swift, cost-effective data to help you make strategic selection, retention, and development decisions. Our unrivaled expertise saves you time and resources by pinpointing behavioral matches for any role in your organization while simultaneously driving down turnover rates.

Our full range of Target reports offers comprehensive insights to fuel growth and success. Every report includes strong data visualization with Omnia’s popular 8 columns, an analysis of the personality dimensions along with motivators and action plans, plus interview questions in our Target Selection reports.

Strong Data Visualization

The 8-column personality graph shows assertiveness, communication style, pace, and need for structure in an intuitive, engaging way. You get an analysis of the talent’s personality dimensions along with motivators and action plans.

Designed for the Modern Workplace

Target Selection interview questions reflect the dynamic nature of the modern workplace. Use them to have insightful, relevant discussions during your interview process.

Omnia is always committed to improving your experience. Enjoy better data visualization and more effective 
interview conversations with the Target Report suite.

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