User Agreement

Online Client Principles of Conduct, Acknowledgements and Important Notices

1. The Omnia® Profile, any Omnia services based on The Omnia® Profile or carrying the Omnia® trademark, or any related interpretations will not be used as the sole reason to hire, terminate, transfer or promote an employee since Omnia® products and services are designed to complement the interview, reference checks and other sound hiring practices.

2. Omnia’s analysis and interpretations will be treated as confidential material, and as such, they will not be further analyzed, interpreted, discussed or revealed except with the Subject of the assessment and/or with other Client employees on a “need to know” basis. Client accepts full responsibility of the assessments and interpretations including those sent to it via fax or email or other electronic means.

3. If I am a Client Administrator User, I am a primary contact on this account. I agree that if I elect not to use a credit card for payment of Omnia assessments and services, that any orders for Omnia assessments and services by me or anyone authorized by me as an Authorized User to place orders with Omnia, will be considered communicated to Omnia as a confirmed Purchase Order from me. I understand that payment is due upon receipt for services rendered and will be in accordance with Omnia’s current pricing.

4. If I am a user with ordering rights, I agree that I have authorization should I place any orders for Omnia assessments and services.

5. Clients of the Omnia Applicant Tracking System (OATS) agree to an annual subscription fee for use of the System. Clients must inform Omnia in writing no later than 30 days before annual renewal should they wish to discontinue. If not renewing, Clients have 60 days from the end of the current annual subscription period in which to download and save any documents maintained in the OATS System that are necessary for government compliance or other purposes.

6. Clients of the Omnia Applicant Tracking System (OATS) agree that responsibility for retention of applications, resumes and other hiring related communication maintained on the OATS system lies with Client. OATS will purge applications, resumes and other hiring related communication for all Client candidates on the OATS system that have a non-hired status and such status designation is 2 years or older. Purging will occur periodically.
These Principles will survive the duration of this Agreement and shall remain in effect with regard to all Omnia® Profile and related assessments furnished to Client. Client shall indemnify and hold Omnia harmless from liability, damages and expense from any claim or matter deriving from non-compliance with the Principles of Conduct.

Important Notices: