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Ziegler Supersystems recommends the Omnia Employee Behavioral Assessment

Add horsepower to your hiring process and develop first place performers with the Omnia Assessment!

Let's face it.  Even the most impressive resume and interview won’t always tell you if a candidate is a good match for a specific position, workplace culture and management style.

Throughout the entire interview process, you hope the candidate is being honest so that when the time comes to make your decision, you are able to determine if they are a good fit into your dealership's work environment. will you really know?

In just 15 minutes or less, our employee behavioral assessment, The Omnia Profile, can compare candidates to your specific performance expectations, or to one of our many dealership industry benchmarks, helping you take the guesswork out of hiring.

Flexible, Instant, Cost -Effective

• An economical solution with instant online reports.
• Access to job database benchmarks for all your dealership positions.
• No training required - comprehensive, easy to read reports.
• Results include job compatibility rating.
• Over 75,000 dealer profiles processed.


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Ziegler Super systems recommends the Omnia employee assessment

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