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Tony Curtachio
Application and Systems Administrator
Omnia personality: The Administrator
I’m the Application and Systems Administrator for The Omnia Group. It’s my responsibility to provide daily technical support to both our internal teams and external client users. And I try to do that without too much tech-induced drama. My personality tends to shine through, even amid servers and cables.

Believe it or not, my journey to this role began with a surprising twist. After earning my BA in Business Administration from the University of South Florida, I stumbled upon the captivating world of employee background checks with Omnia before moving into a client success role and landing in technology where I dabble in database management, programming, ATS integration, HubSpot and Salesforce. I’ve never looked back.

Each day, I make a difference in the lives of my colleagues by offering unwavering support and a unique sense of humor. I take great pride in keeping our digital gears turning smoothly, ensuring that everyone can work efficiently and effectively.
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