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Tami Santiago
Senior Customer Success Manager
Omnia personality: The Administrator
I’ve been with Omnia for over 20 years, first with a brief period of assessing and writing Omnia reports, then as a client service manager, an inside sales consultant, large account management, an implementation specialist and now on our customer success team.
I have a strong belief in the accuracy and benefits of Omnia’s assessments and love helping clients with creating processes to hire and manage their teams. I enjoy consulting with hiring managers to help them understand how to use the Omnia online system as well as how to use their Omnia reports in a highly efficient manner.

Having grown up in a very small town in the Midwest state of Indiana, I now enjoy the larger Tampa Bay area. I love spending time with my son, two daughters and one year old grandson, going to the beach or just hanging out. I like to read (or listen to) a minimum of one book a week and enjoy participating in the Omnia book club.

I received my associate degree from Vincennes University with studies in a wide range of areas including psychology, childcare, interior design and nursing.
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