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Naomi Viglas
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Omnia personality: The Networker
I’m Omnia’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, and I have worked in various sales-related roles for over 20 years. At the Omnia Group, I enjoy getting my hands on everything related to our marketing activities, partner communications and sales activities. I manage our content and events calendar and marketing campaigns, and I coordinate partner programs.

Building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Omnia partners is a huge part of what makes my job so rewarding. I also lead Omnia’s Community Initiative Program, organizing our volunteer efforts within the community.

A New England native, I studied English and Communications at the University of Massachusetts. After raising my two children in the Boston area, my husband and I chose to leave the long, gray winters behind and now reside in Tampa Bay with our yellow Labrador, Winston.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, and adventure traveling. I’ve snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef, trekked the Himalayan foothills, and ridden horses in the Rockies. Through my travels, I’ve relished the experience of learning about different cultures, trying new foods and meeting all types of interesting people. I hope to add more exciting destinations to the list soon!
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