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Reimagine Your Talent Strategies:

Insights to Navigate the Fast-Evolving Landscape in 2024

Dive into the game-changing insights from The Omnia Group’s third annual Talent Trends Survey Report — Reimagine Your Talent Strategies: Insights to Navigate the Fast-Evolving Landscape in 2024.

The report covers various aspects of talent management, including hiring, employee turnover, employee engagement, career development, employee retention, and the use of AI-powered tools in talent initiatives.

A desire for stability — has emerged as a prevailing theme in our study, from both the employer and employee perspectives. Organizations are more invested than ever in providing a stable work environment for their people, resulting in improved employee retention. Employees are opting to stay longer with the organization if they like the company culture. Industry studies and our survey confirm a dip in the turnover rate.

We have identified a powerful trifecta in talent strategies that can create a fundamental shift in talent retention: growth and development opportunitiesflexible work environment, and company culture.

Key Highlights

  1. Career development: 56% of companies have an informal or casual process for the career development process.
  2. Employee satisfaction: 53% of companies conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys.
  3. Use of talent assessments: 35% of companies use personality and behavioral assessments and 22% use cognitive assessments.
  4. Use of AI-powered tools: 26% of companies are capitalizing on AI-powered tools for talent decisions.
  5. Turnover rate: 26% of companies report an increase in average employee turnover rate.

The report is collated by surveying 388 companies across 21 different industries, functions, and hierarchies to offer critical, actionable insights to help organizations retain valuable talent in 2024 and beyond. The data primarily reflects talent trends in small and medium businesses, with 67% of respondents from companies with less than 500 employees. The key insights are derived by blending our findings with the trends observed and published by other experts.

Talent is the ultimate currency.

Download your copy and use these insights to retain your valuable talent.

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This year’s annual Talent Trends Survey Report is a special edition with 3-year comparative data with critical observations.

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