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Our behavioral selection reports are fully customizable or right off-the-shelf;  we have a tool to meet your needs and budget.

Whether they are finding customers, filling orders, solving problems, or building a brand through social media, people are a business’s most valuable asset. The right people in the right jobs are the stuff dreams are made of. But, even one wrong person in a job can create a ripple effect of problems for you, your customers and your company’s bottom line.

Do you wish you could get a sneak peek at a candidate’s natural job behaviors and cognitive aptitude before investing valuable time, energy and money on training? Or a cheat sheet of your employees’ motivators? You can!

Our simple yet amazingly accurate Omnia Behavioral Assessment provides you with the workplace aptitudes of candidates.  It’s fast… just 10 minutes. It’s easy… no confusing questions or irrelevant multiple choice scenarios.

All that, and it delivers real-world, business relevant insight into the inner workings of your most valuable asset, people.

Whether you’re hiring an outside candidate, promoting from within or deciding if a current employee can transfer easily to a new department, our behavioral and cognitive assessments provide reliable data you can use to make more effective selection decisions. Get insight into a candidate that normally takes months to uncover on the job, saving you time, money and unnecessary frustration.


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