The Omnia Company Culture Survey

What are the secret ingredients to building a strong company culture?

Well – there are several, and depending on your organization they may all be different. A good place to start, is assessing your company culture with an employee survey.

Culture is how employees describe where they work, understand the business and see themselves as part of the organization. Good companies understand their culture and manage it effectively.   Anonymous surveys allow employees to voice their honest opinion, and helps get to the bottom of your culture strengths and challenges.

The Omnia Company Culture Survey includes:

  • Survey launch 2x a year – 100% anonymous, with your company logo.
  • Remains open for 1 month to allow everyone the opportunity to take.
  • Up to 20 survey questions – use our standard questions or you can customize them.
  • Customized introduction about the survey purpose to send to your employees.
  • Receive results in Excel format 10 days after close with a brief overview of suggestions for follow up course of action.

What some of our customers have to say...

The Profile really crystallized my gut feelings about the candidate. I’ve tried other assessments and The Omnia Profile is far superior. The Profile is not only detailed and easy to understand, it’s accurate!