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Top 5 Reasons to Re-Hire a Previous Employee

April 20, 2012

By: Kerry

So…you’re considering a previous employee re-hire, and weighing the pros and cons of bringing them back to your team. You’re wondering…is this apt to be a good move or one of those “what the heck was I thinking” escapades?

The fact is, it largely depends on the specific worker you’re reconsidering, the position planned, the culture of your company and your own ability to “play nice” with a person who may have left you and your entire team in a lurch at their departure.

Still, it is possible for a rehire to offer a win-win situation for everyone!

Here are our top 5 reasons to re-hiring a previous employee, when the following potential benefits can be realized:

1. A boost in existing employee morale

If employees see that their employer is actively working to bring back employees, it can have a positive effect on morale — and it can bring people back together who formerly worked well as a team.

2. Minimal retraining

Depending on the time that the boomerang employee has been away, it may be necessary to give some training on new policies but intense training is likely unnecessary. This typically saves both time and money.

3. No recruiting costs

Another benefit of hiring past employees is that there are no recruiting costs. This means that as a former employee, employers already know what the employee can do so they don’t have to find someone new and recruit them. Rehiring past employees saves on the frustration of trying out a new employee and finding they’re just not what they seemed.

4. Returning employee already knows inner workings of the company

When rehiring past employees, another benefit is that the rehired employee already knows the businesses procedures and the culture within the business. These so-called “boomerang employees” have the advantage of knowing what goes on during the meetings, for example. They also know why some employees do one thing one way and why others do it another way. The procedures are familiar and so it becomes a benefit to the business.

5. More loyalty to company…employee realizes what they had

Yet another benefit of rehiring past employees is that the loyalty from the employee to the business/employer has likely increased. Many companies that rehired past employees have discovered the rehired employees exhibit a more positive attitude after the rehiring. This is because they’ve seen other businesses and worked with other people. The rehired employees want to come back where they like it better. They then become more appreciative of the company and the employers they work for.

If you do choose to rehire a former employee, clearly communicate to your existing team your reasons for doing so. Also brief the returning employee on the company’s current situation and spell out your expectations. And finally, be sure to follow up regularly with the returning employee to be sure he or she is adjusting well.


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