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The Omnia Group Celebrates 35 Years of Customer Excellence in Hiring and Performance Assessments  

Tampa, Florida, December 14, 2020: This March, The Omnia Group, Inc (Omnia) marked 35 years in business. In 1985, John and Heather Caswell founded one of the first companies to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace.   

The Omnia Group's mission and its assessment have stood the test of time through continued analysis of thousands of Omnia clients, which support the Omnia Assessment's validity in predicting employee performance. Today, under Heather Caswell's unwavering direction, Omnia continues working with clients to build effective, high-performing teams across all industries with hundreds of unique job benchmarks. 

For over three decades, Omnia has built a tradition of maximizing people's performance through the power of insight. By continually putting people first, Omnia remains invested in growing, developing, and inspiring workforces.  

"The year 2020 has certainly not been anything like a normal business year—we wanted to celebrate the 35th Anniversary nine months ago, but the year took an unexpected turn! I couldn't have been prouder of our team who reimagined virtual customer support while adjusting to remote work-life environments, without missing a beat," said Heather Caswell, CEO of The Omnia Group. She added, "It is a good time to pause, reflect on all that we've accomplished, and commemorate this special milestone year." 

Not only does Omnia help organizations use data to make effective hiring decisions, improve productivity, and increase engagement, Omnia uses the assessment for hiring and professional development as well. Combining data analysis and insight with actionable strategies has resulted in a tenured team of dedicated professionals. On average, the team members have been with Omnia for 15 years; several celebrate more than 25 years of service.   

The Omnia Assessment empowers HR and business leaders to compare candidates, identify ways to improve staff performance and build culture and engagement through improved communications and team interactions.   

The Omnia Group Chief Revenue Officer, Keather Snyder, said, "We believe that a company that understands its diverse people is stronger, and we enable our customers to build stronger teams. Every leader from organizations of all sizes has had a tough year managing teams through the uncertainties—our mission this year was to make it easier for them in whatever way we could. Our service team made that possible by extending unconditional client support." She added, "We look forward to staying agile, innovative, and helping our clients make data-backed hiring and employee development decisions for another 35 years." 

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The Omnia Group 

The Omnia Group empowers HR and business leaders to grow, develop, and inspire their workforce through its sophisticated and straightforward behavioral assessment with hundreds of unique job benchmarks. The company offers various insightful reports, resources, and tools to help leaders understand, empower, and evolve their people. We're proud to serve Fortune 1000 and emerging organizations globally with our international reach and strong partner networks. Our mission remains to build effective, high-performing teams across all industries while assisting companies in comparing candidates, identifying ways to improve staff performance, and building culture and engagement through improved communications and team interactions. For more information, visit 


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