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Say "Hello" To Your Future State of Hiring

Make the right investment in your workforce with access to our hiring tools and advisors

Don't Just Guess—Hire Strategically

Whether you’re hiring an outside candidate, promoting from within, or considering a current employee’s transfer, our comprehensive hiring solutions allow you to make more effective selection decisions.

Our Process


Assess Behavioral Traits

Our short and simple Omnia Behavioral Assessment provides a deeper view into the core behavioral traits of your candidates.


Review For Fit

With one-on-one guidance, you’re able to strategically align candidate results with custom profiles for each open position.


Hire With Confidence

Our behavioral insights allow you to see beyond the resume so you can make the right hire and build your ideal future workforce.

Hiring Products

The Omnia

Gain insight into a candidate’s natural job behaviors and fit before investing in follow-up interviews and training.


Develop job benchmarks based on the traits of top performers, enabling you to find your next wave of talent.


Measure your candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems and comprehend ideas. Cognitive aptitude is a strong indicator of successful job performance.
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