Slim Report

The Omnia Slim Report


Make better hiring decisions with Omnia employee behavioral assessmentsShort on time? The Omnia Slim Report is a slimmed-down version of our full analyst custom written report, the Omnia Selection Report.

The big difference between the two, is that the Slim Report results are computer generated. So, while you will receive the actual graph of the individual, the interpretation is a broad, generalized view on the individual’s personality tendencies.

The Omnia Slim is designed for the large volume user needing an economical assessment and instant feedback. Slims are not scored to a specific job or environment, but are filled with insight regarding a candidate’s aptitude, strengths and potential challenges to help you make an even more informed hiring decision.

Unlike many “instant” profiling products on the market today, Omnia Slim is backed by The Omnia Group’s well-known service and quality.

Make better hiring decisions with Omnia employee behavioral assessments!


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