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RVDA Endorses Omnia Group’s Employee Assessment Tool for Hiring and Retaining the Right Employees

Do you know who you are really hiring?

Let's face it.  Even the most impressive resume and interview won’t always tell you if a candidate is a good match for a specific position, workplace culture and management style.

The Omnia Assessment can help dealers select the right person for the job, increase retention, develop top talent, improve communication, and build a strong workplace culture.

In just 15 minutes or less, our behavioral assessment tool  reveals the personality tendencies of candidates and employees, giving dealers the insight to select, retain, develop and engage their biggest asset. By navigating the complexities of human behavior, dealers can make more informed hiring decisions, decrease turnover, and increase retention to improve return on investment.

The Omnia behavioral assessment can help you:

  • Learn if a candidate will fit with your team and culture
  • Compare candidates with top performers or use our library of dealership job benchmarks
  • Uncover management challenges
  • Maximize your employees potential!

All RVDA endorsed products and services have been reviewed and approved by the RVDA Board of Directors. RVDA endorsed products and services help dealers manage their businesses better by providing access to reliable products and services.

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RVDA recommends the Omnia behavioral assessment

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