The Profile really crystallized my gut feelings about the candidate. I’ve tried other assessments and The Omnia Profile is far superior. The Profile is not only detailed and easy to understand, it’s accurate!

Arial Productions International

We value the information these profiles provide. Over the many years that I have used Omnia, I have yet to experience an incorrect analysis and they have saved us a lot of time, money and stress. Thanks for the service.

Robert G. Bishop - President Aerial Productions International, Inc.

Torres Insurance Agency

I wanted to thank you for your outstanding service; I really appreciate it. When I got to the office today; my email was not working, my office was hot, the ac compressor broke. But when I spoke to you, you went out of your way and got me the report I needed via ‘FAX’! God bless you - I will sure use ‘Omnia Group’ from now on. You made my job a lot easier! Ana Torres

Saga Communications

I rarely write a company to commend an employee, but this is the exception. You have a woman named Tami Santiago who has been our “rep” for a number of years. She really is viewed as a part of the Saga family. Tami follows up on everything, has been VERY helpful to me in setting up our profiles, is professional pleasant to deal with and a whole lot more. I think it is safe to say if it were not for her we would not be such a strong Omnia supporter, but we are also very happy with your product as well!

Warren Lada - Sr. Vice President Saga Communications

MIG Insurance

MIG Insurance Group Ltd.’s mission statement is to serve our customers with quality insurance products and services through a network of brokerages providing professional, independent advice. To achieve this mission we need to ensure we are hiring the candidate that can deliver the quality and professional service we advertise. The Omnia Profile has become a part of our hiring toolbox. The profile provides our Managers another tool to help assess the candidates and we have been using it with every hire since 2010. When we have second guessed the profile and hired when it was not recommended, we have been proven wrong! We are now using the profile to assess current employees to help us understand what they want from us the employer and how we can keep them as long term satisfied employees. I highly recommend the Omnia Profile, it is scary accurate.

Julie A. Notley Guevarra, B. Comm(hons), CMA - VP, Finance MIG Insurance Group
LG Lawfirm

Neat tool.  I love your service and would like to be able to show a tangible result (using your ROI calculator) beyond the HR person’s rave review about how the Omnia Profile helps her do her job better.

Karen Sue Doughty, PHR - PHR - Benefits Specialist Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C.

Totally changed the way we run the business because of Omnia…my office managers love it! We were having the employee’s do everything, sales, customer service, etc. Omnia helped us in that we were able to profile our agency and found that sales people are not good customer service people and vice/versa. Our office is closing more sales and our customer service people are able to spend the quality time needed with our customers. Everyone seems to be relieved and not feel so much pressure. Running four agencies, I don’t have time to personally sit in on all of the interviews myself. I will not hire anyone unless they fit the profile for that particular job. No if’s ands or but’s. We have definitely hired people in the past based on how they presented themselves and how they answered questions. It’s amazing how wrong you can be. People will say anything to get a job.  Omnia saves you time wasted on training someone only to find out that you should have never hired them in the first place.

Kent Schwab - Agency Owner Agency Owner/BGI Member
Ferman Auto

Our employment applicant screening process has become much simpler and more expedited through the use of the Omnia® Profiles, with the overall results being more accurate evaluation of abilities and a great savings of our time.

Jon Zorian - Corporate Trainer Ferman Automotive Management Services

Novant Health

Omnia® client since 1987.  The Omnia® Group’s selection tools give us more resources to make better-informed hiring decisions. They not only provide insight into whether to hire, but they also advise on the best way of helping candidates fit into our environment.

Paul Wiles - President & CEO Novant Health, Inc.
Marzhan and King Consulting

It’s seldom that I personally endorse any product. The Omnia® Group is clearly a “cut above” in value and in customer service. The accuracy and flexibility of the product make it the best assessment tool on the market. I would strongly encourage anyone to use it in their recruiting process.

Chuck Marzahn - Owner Marzahn & King Consulting, Inc.

BGI Network

I used Omnia for the first time about 2 months ago and it was absolutely incredible how accurate the profile information was! I did a profile for everyone I already had on staff so I got to know them and their personality types even better. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and how to best communicate with them has been invaluable to how our office runs.   The profile described the person exactly to what I had seen in them already, in their personality and the way they do things. When I hire anyone in the future I will definitely “Omnia® Profile” them before hand to make sure that we put people we hire in the right positions. The Omnia® Profile is an invaluable tool that everyone should use if you want to make good hiring decisions.

Ralph Portee - Agency Owner Agency Owner/BGI Member
Alpha House

We use the Omnia Profile as a tool in helping us hire people that are really well suited to their positions. I’ve hired a few people the instrument didn’t recommend and I’ve lived to regret the hiring decision. We also use the profile as a management tool. The “Hot Buttons” and “Cold Buttons” sections are particularly helpful.

Bonnie Christiano - Executive Director The Alpha House of Tampa


Going against Omnia’s recommendation is like betting against the instant replay.

Marc Mandt - President Mascus USA
HDH Group

HDH has been an Omnia Group client for the past 20 years.  We use Omnia Profiles to enhance our knowledge of potential candidates.  This has been very useful in keeping or eliminating candidates for the position for which they applied.  HDH can’t express enough the timely, considerate and professional attitude of all Omnia employees with which we have worked.  As the Manager of HR and Administration for HDH, it is my pleasure to recommend Omnia for all of your HR needs.

Jill Klinefelter - Manager HR/Administration The HDH Group, Assurex Global Partner


We are actually doing very well and may have the best year in the history of Vitex. I have found the analysis you did to be extremely helpful and it has helped me rethink and change my approach to managing my sales team. If the changes work, it may be the single biggest positive change we have ever made.

Randall Roth - President & CEO Vitex Strategic Management
Lipscomb Pitts Insurance

Lipscomb & Pitts has been a client of The Omnia Group for over 20 years.   The Omnia Profile is a key component of our interviewing and hiring process.  It is one of the key tools we’ve come to rely upon when making hiring decisions for all positions within our company.  The Omnia is simple to administer and the results are easy to understand.  No assessment tool replaces the information obtained in a thorough interview process, but I can’t imagine making hiring decisions without the valuable information provided to us by Omnia.”

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