ROI Calculator


Sorry folks, our ROI Calculator is not longer available.  Since you are here, we’ll assume that you are looking to increase your ROI results…we can help!  Give us a call today:  800.525.7117


Reducing employee turnover is not easy.  Have you ever actually calculated the cost of a bad hire?   The numbers can be startling.  We’ve plugged in some general figures to help get you started, but take a moment to type in your own information so you can truly see the bottom line impact!

First complete your Hiring Cost on the green tab, then move on to blue tab for Potential Savings. After you enter all your numbers, you’ll see a PDF icon appear so that you may print your report. If you need assistance completing the calculator, give our Client Advisors a call: 800.525.7117

Still not convinced what the Omnia Profile can do for you? A recent return on investment survey was conducted with Omnia clients… take a moment to view the results!