ROI Survey Results

Omnia ROI Survey Results

A 2011 survey of thirty Omnia clients revealed impressive return on investment numbers. A total savings of $2.1 million in a 12-month period was reported.

Using Omnia’s ROI calculator, it is easier than ever to see the savings achieved by reducing employee turnover. Our survey respondents reported an average turnover reduction of 18%. The savings achieved from reducing turnover puts real money back on the balance sheet proving that HR is not a cost center.

 Below are the results of our April 2011 Survey

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 have been saving with Omnia since 1990

Insurance Industry Savings (17 clients) $617,625  click on the ROI Report below…
Other Industry Savings (13 clients) $1,489,676

Saga Communications Return On Investment Results

Total Savings (30 clients) $2,107,301

Average Cost of Bad Hire $37,455
Average Turnover Reduction with Omnia 18%

Average Cost of Bad Hire (insurance) $33,648
Average Cost of Bad Hire (other) $42,435

Average Turnover Reduction (ins) 19%
Average Turnover Reduction (other) 15%