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Discover how compatible an individual is for the job before you make your selection!


In an ideal world we would be able to “test drive” job candidates before we hire them. Even seemingly ideal candidates, the ones with undeniable experience, great recommendations and a clear ability to perform, can prove disappointing if they are incompatible with your environment.

While it may not be exactly like test driving a potential employee, the Omnia Profile, is the closest thing to it! It’s an outstanding selection tool for anyone looking to lower the risk of matching the wrong person to the job.

Easy-to-read and eye-opening, Omnia’s straightforward analysis is useful not only for screening applicants but also for determining a current employee’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby maximizing full potential.

What do PTPN members get with the Omnia Profile?

    • Special pricing!
    • Complete in 15 minutes or less online
    • Analyst customized reports in three hours
    • Identify how to effectively manage & communicate
    • Ascertain applicant compatibility with your work environment

View Sample Reports:

Omnia Selection Report  |  Omnia Retention Report  |  Omnia Target Report

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