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Hire right the first time with Omnia employee assessmentsEven the most impressive resume and interview will not always tell you that the candidate is a good match for a specific position, workplace, or management style.Whether it be a sales executive, support staff or CEO, with the Omnia® Profile, PMIS clients can compare candidates to specific performance expectations, helping you take the guesswork out of hiring by making a more informed selection decision.

What do you get with the Omnia Profile?

  • Online assessment completed in 15 minutes or less
  • Analyst customized reports in three hours
  • Identify how to effectively manage & communicate
  • Ascertain applicant compatibility with your work environment
  • Job and compatibility relevant interview questions
  • PMIS clients receive 1 FREE PROFILE and a 10% DISCOUNT on purchase!

View Sample Reports:

Omnia Selection Report  |  Omnia Retention Report  |  Omnia Target Report

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