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Take advantage of free PIA member exclusive webinars where you can participate in surveys, polls, breakout sessions, Q&A and more!

PIA members only webinars and the Omnia GroupYou’re a busy professional, so taking time away from your job to expand your personal development and management skills can be difficult.  The worst part is the wasted time traveling to a hotel conference room where the only thing louder than that guy asking the instructor the same question all day is the carpet. Omnia webinars can help, without ever leaving your home or office! Join us in these upcoming webinars as we discuss problems and solutions on topics like sales culture, communication, conflict resolution, team development, and much more!

The Omnia Profile is the only assessment tool endorsed by PIA National!  >Learn about the PIA Members Only benefit here<



All webinars times:  2:00pm – 3:00pm   (Eastern time)  |  Registration now open for the upcoming webinar on May 7th, 2020.

5.7.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

How to Communicate, Engage and Stay Connected in a Remote Environment - Register

5.13.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

Diversity in the Workplace- Register

6.9.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

Defining the New Norm: From Our Current Reality to the New Normal - Register

6.17.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

How Empowered Employees Impact the Client Experience - Register

9.16.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

How to Quickly Identify and Avoid Hiring Sales Phonies - Register

10.14.2020  |  2pm Eastern time

Interoffice Dynamics: Sales vs. Service - Register

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