The Omnia Leadership Report & Direct Report Analysis

The Omnia Leadership Analysis & Direct Report Analysis


What do employees value most at work?

Recognition, communication, relationship with the immediate supervisor, being “in the know” and growth opportunities rank in the top 10. But not everyone is motivated by the same things. The trick is figuring out which intangibles inspire the unique individuals you manage. Understanding your personal leadership style and the specific needs of each member of your team makes identifying those intangibles easy.


Omnia Leadership and Management Analysis

$75 – Leadership Report:

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>Easy-to-read graph and a clear discussion of your personal leadership style.
>Your strengths and possible challenges.
>Your personal communication style, work pace and detail focus.
>What to do and what to avoid to motivate the unique personality preferences of your team.
 Omnia Direct Report Analysis Sample

$50 – Direct Report Analysis:

>Compares your direct reports to your leadership style.
>An easy-to-read graph of where your direct report falls in relation to your leadership style.
>How your direct report compares to you in assertiveness, communication style, pace and need for structure.
>What those differences mean and how to manage effectively around them.

What’s In It For You?

>The power to make the most informed management decisions.
>No training required!
>Access to our experienced client advisors to review reports and answer questions.
>Our customer service is second to none!

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